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Flight 93

They tell the events, and events before and during the flight of United Airlines flight number with the 93rd On 11 September 2001 al-Qaida abducted the plane. The passengers tried to overpower the terrorists and the plane eventually crashed into a field in the state of Pennsylvania.


  • Flight 1993 had a budget of 15 million dollars and is largely without expensive special effects.
  • The dialogues and playful illustrations are largely improvised, and so will the viewers the oppressive feeling, right in the thick of it.
  • Many American cinemas took the trailer out of the program because admissions weeping from the halls were, in addition, there were cries that it is such a film "too early".
  • Paul Greengrass engaged for the film no known actor, but continued to authenticity by eyewitnesses and air traffic controllers to actors made.
  • There is another TV movie with a similar name (Flight 93) by Colin Glazer, the American television ran, and in Germany only available on DVD. He is here treated the film very similar.
  • The film was the Oscar ceremony in 2007 in the following categories nominated (without an Oscar win): Best Director and Best Editing.

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