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Four fists for a Haleluja

Brief description:

Bambi is a horse thief, his father gets the job, his brother hated Trinity also trained horse thief. Trinity, however, is only to watch his brother, and tries, whenever possible, the aspirations Bambis many times.

The first "attack" on a plan for a family car, therefore ends with the fact that the settler families will receive money for their sick baby to a doctor. This family appears in the course of the film repeatedly. Always they receive (financial) assistance from the two brothers.

During the first visit to the city Bambi and Trinity acquaintance with the nasty criminals Parker. It shows in Trinity Saloon Falschspieler- his revolver and tricks. Since it first for the government keeps secret, Parker tried to bribe them, as they form. After a fine meal in the most expensive restaurant in the city will teach Bambi his brother, as a stagecoach dry. But Trinity has the goal of stagecoach to explore and is a day on the road. However, instead of preparing the robbery, he meets with the daughter of a settler family in Mission, where he happened to witness strange events: The missionaries have a large amount of money to hide Parker, whose men also disguised as missionaries.

On the day of the planned assault Bambi continues to note with the coach, as a chaser to shine, while the coach as Trinity masked thief to rob. Trinity, however, thinks not, and instead only robs from Bambi, while the other passengers in peace.

Trinity then rides to the mission, where he later Bambi follows. In earlier reports some Mexicans they know that the absolution of the monks following the confession also sometimes with fists granted. Consequently, Bambi a confession and then learns of Parker's machinations. Since Bambi, the money from Parker under the nail will tear, he defended the mission together with Trinity before Parkers people and finally defeated them. However, his new possession again, and now real government officials to arrest Parker, and he is not a thief wants to be recognized.

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