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Serenity - fleeing into new worlds

The movie is about six months after the last episode of the television series Firefly. The Serenity comic-Those Left Behind tells the history about the film.

In about 500 years, humanity has exploited the abandoned and contaminated earth and a new planetary system found, with several different planets and moons, many of them through Terraforming habitable for humans could be made. Apart from the central planet, the high standard of living, there are many marginal worlds that are still at the beginning of the settlement. There is much still quite primitive. The situation there is similar to the colonization of the American West. Equipment, Armament and costumes remind these places so much aware of Western films.

On board the space ship, the Serenity crew with smuggling, theft and minor transportation contracts. Captain Malcolm Reynolds was Sergeant Brown Coat the rebels lost in the independence war against the alliance, the Union of Central planet. He scares even before the attacks and robbery is not severe, but is not totally immoral. Ratio is only in an emergency, and victims are never defenseless people. His crew he sees as his family.

Two people aboard his ship, but the risk to the entire crew: The physician Dr. Simon Tam and his sister River. River has always been an exceptionally gifted and intelligent girl. The alliance has recognized their talents early on and they-under the pretext that they are on in an institute for gifted HAS person as a test for experimental abused. The aim was, among other things, perfect fighter with telepathic abilities to create. Simon River, using all his assets exempt. Since they are on the run, and he serves on the Serenity as a ship's doctor, in order to pay for the passage.

The alliance has a nameless agent of River and Simon used, a man with unlimited powers. In Rivers memory is information hidden, never to reach the public. Information on which she has access not aware of them but repeatedly fragments in psychotic episodes come to the surface.

On all channels of entertainment media makes the agent a hidden military signal to send, on the River had been conditioned. It evokes a memory in her a name: Miranda. Above all, but it lets them to a combat machine, without any weapons other than local visitors battle continues. The incident brings the agent on a hot track River and Serenity.

Only with great difficulty can the Serenity to escape pursuers and Inara again for the crew won. The colony of Shepherd Book is attacked by agents and the entire population was murdered. Instead of waiting until it sooner or later be found, they go on the offensive: River finds from a psychotic thrust out that Miranda is the name of a small planet, which appears in no database, there are only rumors about failed Terra forming. Why was there, the alliance wants to hide, and the crew is not known River. You choose to fly to the planet and the mystery. But the flight is dangerous, you need to Reaver territory of the cross. These are people who are on the brink of madness live. Their spaceships as they have their own body disfigured, they make hunting on other people, they torture and eat.

It succeeds as a disguised Reaver-Schiff Serenity, Miranda reach. The planet has an intact and viable environment. However, the entire population is dead A tracking device, the Serenity crew crashed into a ship of the alliance. There you will find the last recording of the Commander of that ship, the unnatural deaths should be investigated. The reason for the mass death was a substance called Pax, that the alliance of air added to the planet. This should reassure the population, riots and rebellion. But it has earned so extreme that people permanently always been phlegmatic and finally even to eat and drink no more desire. At approximately 10% of the population had the means, but different: it had its aggression. They were the ones which we know today as Reaver.

Reynolds and his crew decide that this information to the public. Otherwise, the alliance would, perhaps, the thing with Pax on another planet again.

The dissemination of the message can only help them: Mr. Universe, an information and technology freak, on a moon of its own broadcasting station maintains. But they need the disk with the information to him. Again -Territorium by Reaver. The agent had anticipated this development and they will expect. Although the crew knew that the agent is waiting on them, they dared.

Reynolds intentionally provoked the Reaver, so they Serenity them. As expected lurking in their goal already several ships of the alliance. The Serenity leads the convoy of Reaver ships in the fleet jump into it. Their opponents begin to destroy each other. But the Serenity will be further pursued. After an emergency landing, but the pilot Wash by Reaver dies, the crew takes cover for the following Reaver unstoppable. Reynolds continues his way to continue broadcasting station.

The agent has long since killed Mr. Universe and the transmitters destroyed. But a last message from Mr. Universe Reynolds leads to a hidden spare plant. There he meets but on the agent. While Reynolds tried to overcome it, defended his crew are desperately against attacking Reaver.

Reynolds succeeds, the agent to defeat without him to kill. It sends the message. And for the first time, the agent, who always believed was the right thing to do, what his clients have tried to hush ... While Meanwhile, the survivors of the crew absolutely pushed on the defensive. They will disappear! As Simon life violated, River meets a decision: their skills before they even big fear has to be the protection of others. She throws herself into the fight. And wins. The relief, however, was short-lived: Forces of the Alliance meet.

But a radio command of the agent calls back the troops. His faith in the motives of the alliance is deeply shaken. He even helps in the repair of the Serenity, in the emergency landing had suffered significant damage. After the dead were buried, fly Captain Reynolds and his crew amazingly, in a world characterized by its actions, maybe something will change.

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