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The Mothman Prophecies

Brief description:

The journalist John Klein has just with his wife Mary bought a new house. On the way back Mary suddenly loses control of the car and must be in accordance with the collision with a tree to the hospital. During the difficult injured patient, the doctors diagnosed a tumor in rags temples, where they died a short time later. From their records John learns that his wife recently often hallucinations of a moth man had. Probably had the appearance they are terrified at the accident.

Two years later, John departs from Washington for an interview with a governor after Richmond. En route, however, he stopped by a breakdown. In the middle of the night he will ask residents for help, but the house Mr Gordon Smallwood threatened him with a gun. The policewoman twice Connie Mills told that John him for the third time to visit. The journalist knows, however, not even where it is located. When he learns that he, after two hours in the city 600 kilometers away Point Pleasant on the border between West Virginia and Ohio should be, he sees nothing more. Furthermore, his car, according to a Kfz-Mechanikers undamaged.

Then John decided that the matter. In his research in Point Pleasant, he learns that in the last few months many unexplained phenomena in the city existed. For uncertainty makes especially an unknown, the anonymous telephone calls under the pseudonym Indrid Cold warns against disasters. During a conversation between John and Connie announces a caller with Gordon's voice, which claims, Indrid Cold was with him. When John speaks with the unknown, it is surprising to note that some of these personal things about him knows. It turns out, however, that Gordon did not matter and that the voice not of a person comes.

John wants in Chicago with the Paradise psychologists and physicists Dr. Alexander Leek talk, but denied any information and warns him only. Gordon loses his job in a chemical factory and, a few days later found dead in the forest. Although the death after forensic evidence at least eight hours ago, John has an hour before a phone call from him. As Dr. John again at Leek demand, the scientist told him that some years ago he already had heard strange prophecies. No one took his warnings seriously, all held for him crazy. One of the statements negotiated by a disaster on the Ohio River. John knows that the shore is the chemical factory and provides a link to Gordon. John tried in vain, the governor from abusing this factory to visit because he feared an explosion. As John in a bar receives a letter, a call of his deceased wife on Christmas Eve announcing soon after he returns home. A few minutes before the expected returns also call Connie to invite him to Ohio, but John will initially Marys call waiting. Shortly afterwards the phone rings again and silent either, as John the cable from the socket tear.

John is again on the way to Point Pleasant. When he was on a bridge over the Ohio arrives, he sees in front of a traffic jam. Then he suddenly realized that this is the place of the predicted disaster will be, and already solved the first suspension bridge. He tried desperately to the other motorists to warn and also discovered Connie patrol car. He can not avoid her car with the bridge crash, but he saves the policewoman from the river. For further 36 people, but any help comes too late. The cause of the disaster remains unclear.

Speaking of Sex

Brief Description
"The young couple Melinda and Dan's crisis because he needs Viagra to be his wife really happy, but not for the sweet waitress, to which he invited himself into the car. Melinda is convinced that it is their fault , and persuades her errant husband to a marriage. A marriage and divorced several Sextherapeutin depressive and a specialist in depression, their marriage back in order. But a quickie in the elevator solves a whole avalanche of misunderstanding and confusion. The big question on the end is: Who is it who is now patient and therapist? And who speaks for yet everything about sex? "

In the shoes of my sister

Brief description:

Maggie Feller (Cameron Diaz), the house of her stepmother Sydelle leave and pulls at her sister Rose (Toni Collette). Both sisters argue constantly, mostly because of the change jerry life of Maggie, but also about the shoes, which are often at Maggie Rose borrow. After Maggie with Jim, boss and lover of Rose, sleeps, it also sets rose above the door.

Maggie goes to Miami to her grandmother Ella Hirsch (Shirley MacLaine). They want to get their 3000 dollars, according to New York City and then go to a career as an actress to start. Ella taught her instead for a job in a nursing home. At the same time it promises, by Maggie earned money from their own funds to double.

While Rose Announces Its their job as a lawyer and works as Hundeausführerin. She meets former colleague Simon Stone, with which it is increasingly agreed. Stein, a gourmet, leads them in selected restaurants.

Maggie friends in the nursing home with a retired literature professor at the reading them. A poem in which the friendship of two women described, it is deeply moving. Ella tells her granddaughter Maggie by her in a car accident by suicide deceased mother, who suffered from depression and advocates that the sisters returned envelope.

After their engagement and subsequent dispute with Rose Stone comes to Miami and reconciled with Maggie. At the wedding of Rose and Maggie Simon recited the poem, which they so strongly moved.

Path Finder track of the warrior

Already some 600 years before the official discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus company Vikings sail there. In a raid after Newfoundland, a Viking boy left back there after the looting and murdering Viking hordes of the natives still could be back. As the shaman it as a sign indicates, the boy now from the Indians by the tribe and Natik with, although he is not accepted by many. But the shaman predicts that it will still prove.

15 years later Vikings appear again and attack the village. Meanwhile, the adults (Karl Urban), the name of the spirit was, is now internally torn faced with the question of which side they choose. He decides to use his new homeland and now stands as a defender of his Indian ancestors, the Vikings, led by Gunnar (Clancy Brown) and his adjutant Ulfar (Ralf Moeller). He leads the tribe in the mountains, where the Vikings by an avalanche killed.

The Detonator - Burning Steel

Brief Description
Undercover C.I.A.-Agent Sonni Griffith travels to Poland alone, an arms dealer to unmask and the sale of a nuclear weapon. When the gangsters learns his true identity, Griffith landed in jail, but intervention by the C.I.A. Again quickly released and is now the attractive Russian Nadia in the United States. Griffith soon discovers that the lady of the same unconventional arms dealer pursued, he wanted to destroy. This unscrupulous criminals is anything to by Nadia to get the information that he needs, because it has the 30 million dollars hidden in which he is the atomic bomb will buy. As a leak in the C.I.A. The whereabouts and the cover name of Griffith and Nadia can seep through, the two starts for a deadly struggle to himself and to save the world ...

Fallen Angel

Brief description:
On his 18th Birthday discovered Aaron (Paul Wesley), that he has superhuman abilities, and even with his dog can talk. A mysterious Homeless (Tom Skerrit) tells him that he halbMensch half angel. Because a group of angels, the mixed blood will destroy creatures, stumbles Aaron in danger. Exciting Fantasy drama after a popular US-Buchreihe.

Wake of Death-revenge is everything he did

Brief description:
Precisely when the red light gangster Ben (Jean-Claude Van Damme) of his exit from the underworld plans, his wife (Lisa King) of the Chinese Mafia godfathers Sun Quan (Simon Yam) murdered in cold blood. Ben acknowledged the deed with a merciless campaign against criminals and its henchmen. Hard-Rächer-Thriller with ultracooler Action.


Brief description:
As police chief wants a tidy suburb Jeff (Bruce Willis), the memory of a bloody failed operation in L.A. forgotten. It is different: After a befuddled over the case of three young criminals Jeff is the victim of a subtle blackmail: A gangster syndicate abducted his family. - Explosive Action in an elegant design, with a furious Bruce Willis in peak form.

The house at the lake

Dr. Kate Forster is leaving a house on the lake, where they had lived for some time, and moves to Chicago, where a job as a doctor is accepted. It leaves a message for their tenants. Alex Wyler, whose father built the house once, this message and wonder, as he left the house for uninhabited held. Later exchange Wyler and Forster on the mailbox of the house more news.

It turns out that in 2004, Wyler lives, Forster in 2006. On her birthday in 2006, Forster sits alone in a bar remembers a man who two years earlier her birthday party attended. It is shown how Wyler in 2004, coincidentally the former friend of Kate met and the party is invited. He already knows Forster from the letters, but she knows it yet. Alex and Kate sit on the porch of the house and talk about a novel in which a loving couple has been separated and could not find it. They dance and kiss.

Forster makes in the next letter Wyler allegations that he had not told her who he was. He replied that it would be a madman.

Simon Wyler, the father of Alex and a famous architect, comes with a heart attack in hospital. Kate, in his hospital file notes that he briefly then died. It regrets that it is not at Alex can be, in order to console him. Alex Forster sends only one in the future published book about his father.

Forster and Wyler love themselves and arrange a meeting at which Alex is not. Alex can not understand why he was not in the future, and will appear with Kate appointment for a second time. But she finds that there is no sense that the two are not predetermined, proved to be taken. She asked Alex, that he was not tried with you in the future contact. He will, however, not lose them, and continue to write her letters, but gets no answers.

In 2006, then Alex and his brother on the road and when his brother to tell him that today is Valentine's Day in 2006, remembers Alex to a letter from Kate. She wrote it as a witness on Valentine's Day of an accident, where a man was killed. He leaves the house at the lake rauszulesen exactly where the accident took place.

Meanwhile, Kate in 2008 when brother Alex in the office to a house he set up. It takes place in his office a drawing of a house hang on the wall, which looks like the house at the lake looks like. She asked her brother, who is drawn. This responds to her that it was his brother, but that he unfortunately exactly two years before in an accident died. Kate is clear that the man was Alex, on Valentine's Day 2006 in front of their eyes in an accident and was killed came from. It rushes to the single communications device with the past. To Mailbox, which at the house at the lake. She writes Alex, the man that he was, in front of your eyes was killed, and that he should not try them on the day to contact us. He will have two years to wait, and on Valentine's Day in 2008 the house at the lake.

It waits that the mailbox opens, as a sign that Alex has received the letter. Alex reads the letter in 2006 and in the next scene he's in 2008 to Kate. The two are now in the arms, kissing up and confess their love for each other.

Girls United-All or Nothing

Brief Description
As Britney Allen of the fine Pacific Vista High School in the working-class districts on the Crenshaw Heights changes, changed her life dramatically. Also still trendiest leader of the Cowboys, it is suddenly in the middle of the harsh competitive struggle with their new classmates. Especially the taffen Camille must first prove their talent. But after it is a place in which Cheerleader-Gang ertanzt has, it takes even the fight against their former Schul-Team. Because only the winner of the City Championship may occur in the next Rihanna-Videoclip and with the coolest moves immortal. For the cheerleaders is therefore "all or nothing" ...

The gene soldier

At the end of the Second World War the Nazis pack their last weapon in a fight hochgeklonte machine with supernatural forces. A team of the Allies is sent to the 'Gen soldier' to destroy. This is paced with an ironic undertone. The film is more of a movie that you have not seen.

Big Mamas House

A computer virus threatened state and government. Disguised as obese elderly lady can be an undercover agent as a nanny recruit and sneaks it in the family of the main suspect. There, he supplied not only the budget but also solve many social problems in the offspring, and excellent investigative police work.

Scary Movie 4

At the beginning you see Shaquille O'Neal, basketball player of the Miami Heat, and Dr. Phil clamps on foot chained in a dirty room sit. The two succeed, in two hung from the ceiling to come saws to cut through the feet to discard the shackles. They survive the situation. Meanwhile, the crane operator tried Tom Ryan order in his private life to get, because his children are not good at talking to him, because he has neglected over the years. As Tom in the sky a strange cloud formation was observed, it is already happening-the Aliens come to earth to destroy the human race. Tom tries out together with their children to flee and through some strange situations.

Other problems, while his neighbor Cindy Campbell; It must have been cursed with a child of a ghost house in which they care provider than an older lady, who addressed. Looking for the source of the mystery land she and Tom in a village. There can Cindy and her friend Brenda Meeks, on the way back has taken some interesting findings.

On their way, Cindy and Brenda, and Tom and his children, from the aliens captured. Finally, she landed in the command headquarters of aliens, which is a space of the first scene turns. They are curious to torture devices tied to which they are brutal games with their own survival will be in a position to discard.

It finally succeed them to free himself, but the villain has his children in Toms violence. That now has the choice, his own life or his children to save. Ultimately succeed him but both himself and his children to liberate because the evil is defeated. It turns out that the father of the curse dilapidated house in Elstree ghost child, and therefore to humanity wanted revenge. He pulls out his back Aliens and the group around Tom Ryan has helped decisively, to save mankind.

In the final sequence, one sees Tom in the Oprah Winfrey Show. In a parody of the presence of Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey at an audience of millions his love for Katie Holmes confessed, he jumps on the sofa around, beats and breaks Flick-Flacks Oprahs wrists before euphoria about his love for Cindy Campbell. Tom runs in his attack on the camera and the film is over.

Aeon Flux

The film plays 400 years in the future. The majority of humanity was one of the industrial insidious disease killed. The 5 million survivors spend their lives in the last City: Bregna, of a Council of researchers monitored and governed. What the people do not know: As a side effect of medicine against the disease, the survivors become infertile, and dies now a member of the society it will be cloned, which is now at a slow decline of the culture. The need for cloning DNA is in the airship Relic, which hovers over the town.

As Ćon Flux, agent of an underground movement that Charlize Theron is the government's chief Trevor Goodchild kill. But while they discovered that not everything is as it seems. Suddenly it is between the lines and discovered that she no longer the order may lead to an end without causing major damage. Also, it has suddenly strong feelings for Trevor, and a reminder of their inexplicable him what the situation becomes.

During their further adventures finds out that she is itself a clone of Trevor wife Katherine, and that the residents of the city now no longer infertile, and thus a normal reproduction is possible again. Oren Goodchild, the brother of the heads of government, but it tries to prevent the cloning based purely on society. He also did the experiments Trevors, a remedy for sterility looking sabotaged. Ćon Flux finally Oren kills and destroys the Relic. This is the way for a normal society.

All-American DreamZ only Show

President of the United States Staton read on the day after his re-election for the first time a newspaper. He gets a nervous breakdown because the world looks quite different than his advisers have described them, were previously the only source of information for the President. On the advice of his staff, he heads in the television show American DreamZ, the Master of the Show Martin Tweed moderated. American DreamZ is a casting show, similar to the German broadcast Deutschland sucht den Superstar. The American President, the ratings increase, thinks the show master. The President is with the appearance in the show from its meaning and popularity crisis, think his advisers.

The show will also Sally Kendoo-former karaoke -Königin from a small city with the same cynical attitude like tweed-and the Arabs Omer Obeidi. Omers mother was killed by the Americans, which led to terrorist Omer. In training camp for terrorists, but it will not see again, so we sent him as a sleeper for America - and hoped it never again "to wake up".

Obeidi unexpectedly wins sympathy from the public and provides it to the finals - with the American president as judges. That makes him as a suicide bomber for his masterminding interesting. He should kill the president, but considered it differently, and the bomb hidden in the toilet. Found it is a friend of Jack William Williams (Chris Klein), his girlfriend in the shipment to marry him do. The feeling for a long time but really nothing more for him. Williams observed, as with Martin Tweed in her wardrobe had sex. From anger and disappointment is the staging Williams burst and explodes on the stage singing in the air, unimpressed by the appeals Omers, and the President. The second victim of the bomb is moderator Tweed, until the last remains to the camera work during Williams' appearance to take over.

In the end, Omer musical career as a singer, while the job of Sally Martin Tweed killed over and the new season of American DreamZ moderated.

Freaky Friday

Dr. Tess Coleman and her 15-year-old daughter Anna is not cope with each other. Among their different views regarding fashion, style, music and men. Tess can Annas poor school grades and their repeated After sitting nor understand how the new Anna fiance her mother and Ryan. The marriage would be held on weekends.

In a restaurant, something China's miracle Ames: Two lucky biscuits an older Chinese woman in exchange for the next night at midnight their bodies. Since it is not the case immediately on the ground can go, they spend the first Friday morning of the life of each other without someone lesson.

While Tess in the body of their daughter goes back to school and finds that the poor English notes her daughter from a history of their old-time High School result, Anna styled her mother's body entirely. The rest of the morning Anna spends with the patient psychological and her mother is annoyed by the many calls.

You must find that the magic only by adhering to the Glückskeks-Spruches reverse it through selflessness. You must first survive the day.

Anna learns while parents in the school her brother Harry, that they do not hate how they look. Tess must however find that the hatred of her daughter to her ex-girlfriend Stacey justified. In addition, she learns Annas flame Jake areas, but this can not become friends with their behavior.

Anna must currently in a television show, the new book of her mother present. Ignorance about the content they cleverly camouflaged with a show, the well-received.

Jake finds the supposed mother much more attractive. After a conversation about music, he is running behind her.

In the evening, the Polterabend for the wedding the next day. Anna's boyfriend and fellow band Peg they need for a major gig a few blocks. My attempt, Anna (or Tess) admitted, however, falls. But Ryan is not a killjoy, and Anna allowed the concert. Anna in the body of Tess also comes to the concert. Tess can not play guitar, but Anna took the stage behind her partner, while Tess in the body of Anna the show returns.

Back on the set Polterabend Anna and Tess finds that their conflict issues resolved. The fortune cookie-condition is met, and each gets the proper body back.

The next day, the wedding of Tess and Ryan. Even Anna and Jake find each other.

In the shade of forests

In a forest near Paris, a woman found hanged. But how come the weals on the back of the alleged suicide? The Commissioner Michčle Varin (César-Nominated: Josiane Balasko). Because the death anniversary of her young son is imminent, it is even psychologically damaged and suffers from insomnia. When the track them to a deserted house in the woods, she expects the true horror ... Albtraumhafte mood surreal-brutale moments ŕ la David Lynch, dreary interior and sequences like "The Silence of the Lambs" - the unusually gloomy, toll photographed thriller Recalls the nihilism of hard Scandinavian thrillers and is not for delicate stretches Besaitete.

We see ourselves at full moon

Gina (Marla Sokoloff), and Seth (Patrick J. Adams) since 6 Class has pen pals. After 13 years, they finally decide to meet. The problem: they were always good-looking photos of friends sent, but to convince them, also at the meeting for them at all. When the real Gina and Seth then randomly but still meet the fate takes its course. Bitter-Sweet Love Story, with a lot of wit tell

The Devil's Rejects

Some months after the murderous events in the House Firefly (see House of 1000 Corpses), the FBI launched a major offensive against the sadistic family.

However, the use of only half succeed: family member Rufus is shot and only Mother Firefly can be captured. These are some of the police officers killed or injured. Baby Firefly and Otis escape to a blood trail immediately on their escape from the police behind Africa. On the flight take Baby Firefly and Otis during a stop in a motel, the members of a country band as hostages and torture them. None of the band members survived the visit of the two, which in large part to the lack of cooperation of the hostages.

Soon there still father Captain Spaulding (James Cutter) to the duo and the three flee to his half-brother, Charlie, to be there before the FBI to hide. Sheriff Wydell, who already Firefly mother murdered in her cell, meanwhile chases the fugitives and get hints on the whereabouts of Captain Spauldings half-brother of Wydell itself will be moving to betray the family.

The sheriff succeeds, Otis, Spaulding and baby-making. He brings them to the alleged interrogation in the estate of Fireflys. However, he tortures Otis, Spaulding and baby there for personal reasons on most brutal way and then ignites the house. While Otis and Spaulding in the burning house remain tied back, it allows them to free baby then with an ax to hunt. Meanwhile While Charlie comes back, in order to help baby, but Wydell directs him with the ax. Shortly before he finally baby with the slain ax will, appears to Tiny, shortly before the police operation had left the house and broke the neck Sheriff Wydell. Tiny and Otis Spaulding exempt from the burning house, but dies himself, volunteered in the flames.

The three survivors Otis, Spaulding and Baby can flee in a car, but suddenly see in the distance a road blockade of the police. In Kamikaze-style drive with gezückter shotgun and revolvers to the blockade and to die in the hail ball.

The Pink Panther (2006)

The French soccer coach Yves Gluant, after a game with a Chinese poison arrow killed. When the corpse after the turmoil following investigated, it must also be noted that the extremely valuable and famous diamond ring, the Pink Panther, the Gluant wore disappeared.

Police Chief Inspector Dreyfus orders in the event the clumsy and underexposed provincial police Clouseau to Paris. But not because of his qualifications, on the contrary: it will Clouseaus failure after the media event into their own hands and resolve to finally the "Medal of Honor". Previously, he was seven nominations for this recording, he has never received.

Clouseau to the side stands beside the secretary Nicole colleague also Ponton, the Toll Patsch on behalf of Dreyfus secretly guard. The two consult only once all suspects. Among these Gluants lovers and pop singer Xania, the Chinese Mafia (fortunately, Clouseau of the Chinese language) and Yuri Gluants Co-Trainer.

There is yet another victim to complain: football player Bizu, with a head shot in the cab was killed.

Clouseau is sometimes even heroes of France, as a secret agent, who wishes to remain unrecognized, the dreaded Gasmaskenbande brings to the track and the surprising Clouseau on the scene behind. Clouseau adopted the false fame thanks.

As Xania to New York City travels follow her Clouseau and pontoon. But even Clouseau trying to learn to speak English, but little success. They learned that Xania at a jeweler was allegedly because of a handbag. Furthermore, Clouseau his fondness for hamburgers.

At the airport, it is then the scandal: Clouseaus bag is swapped, and the control of its new bag, the airport staff a weapons arsenal.

After this mistake Dreyfus can implement his plan and even take over the investigations. His suspicion immediately falls on a Chinese businessman, whom he at a ceremony on the evening arrest.

He comes, however, Clouseau before. Clouseau is the real murderer present: the coach Yuri. Because laws must be confused Yuri both familiar with Chinese herbs, as well as a good shooter. Yuri hates Gluant. Bizu, which knew Yuri extorted so and was therefore like Gluant of Yuri murdered.

It also explains Clouseau that Xania in possession of the ring, but it had Gluant it as a betrothal gift in the stadium. Detected, he had the television on and his scandal-photo of the airport, where you just pocket the contents of Xania on an X-ray machine could detect. Xania had after the murder not dared to the ring to present.

The Empire of the Wolves

The young Anna Heymes can not remember their past and recognizes even in stressful situations, her husband Laurent no more. The doctors want with the help of scans and a biopsy is the cause for the disease out. Anna resisting against and consulted the psychologist Mathilde Urano. Slowly stalks Anna suspected that it is not that they believe to be. When she gets her face surgical scars discovered she flees full of confusion and fear, haunted by her husband, an official of the French secret service and his men. Anna abducted with the help of a psychologist, the treating physician Dr. Ravi, this tells the two women that Anna on behalf of the secret service, a new method of memory manipulation experiments. Together they go to the clinic to the memory of Anna again. Once this has been achieved, the women attacked by their persecutors, Anna, but they can easily overwhelm. Anna Mathilde, and then flee with a car, it tells Anna, who she really is.

At the same time, in a Turkish quarter of the city of the third victim of the serial killer. The senior policeman Paul Nerteaux reactivated the investigation because of its brutal methods in the prematurely retired policemen offset Schiffer. Nerteaux Schiffer to clarify that the killer is on illegal immigrant from Turkey, redheaded women apart. Together they want the gangster boss of the district question. It advised them in an assassination attempt a killer commandos. Nerteaux Schiffer and a narrow escape from this misery Schiffer recognizes in the implementation of the assassination action by gray wolves and warns the young colleagues from further investigations. He pulls himself back.

Nerteaux determined yet and will continue for more clues to the realization that the gray wolves behind the serial murder stuck, and that the target person her face have changed. So he equips one for the operation in question a doctor visit. During the interview, the doctor was murdered by a killer. In the ensuing fight, Nerteaux the bombers running away. During the investigation of the place he finds a golden pendant as a Schiffer.

Anna Mathilde told that a member of the gray wolves, but defrauded the organization and with 20 kilos of heroin sunken. Therefore, a bounty on them suspended and she was forced to alter her face vividly to leave. Anna, the psychologist and drive to a cemetery, where she has hidden the drugs. There she meets on Schiffer, which ended in a shootout. Meanwhile Nerteaux also arrived, followed Schiffer. In pursuing Annas, the two men climb a spiral staircase to solve them one by Anna hidden explosive. While Nerteaux to rescue them, crashes Schiffer with the stairs into the depths.

The police explained to the President the case as closed and Schiffer for dead, but Paul Nerteaux determined on their own and will continue on the track of Azer Zeki, the killer. Nerteaux liable in its heels and follows him to a rock in the nearby city of Istanbul. There Azer picks him up and carries him in a temple. He sees little later a leader of the gray wolves named Kudseyi. Shortly afterwards immerses the dead believed Schiffer caught with Anna. Anna is the process, and sentenced to death. As Kudseyi will kill them, takes Anna to her hair in a hidden weapon and stabs the leader. That overwhelmed Azer, and the woman fled from the temple. After Nerteaux and Schiffer Azers men overwhelmed, take the prosecution Annas. Meanwhile, the French secret service arrived and comprised the rock city.

Schiffer explains Nerteaux meanwhile, that he, together with the Secret Service works and Anna offered a deal. When the two policemen Azer finally find this is in the process of the face Annas to maim. In the ensuing exchange shoots Nerteaux Anna survived the man seriously injured.


The film is set in Venice in the 18th Century. Giacomo Casanova (Heath Ledger), the heart-breakers in the city, spends the greater part of his life in the beds of beautiful women, and his reputation as a passionate seduction artist more than fair.

But the Inquisition is not satisfied with dazzling life Casanovas, from which the nuns are not sure. So it is a day of Doge (Tim McInnery), a serious ultimatum: Either Casanova marries even before the carnival ends, or he will be forever banished from the city. Reluctantly Endorses Casanova on the search for a suitable bride and decide finally for the lovely Victoria (Natalie Dormer), in Venice for their innocence known.

But as Casanova falls on the head neck in Francesca Bruni (Sienna Miller), an emancipated scientist, nothing of a man holding of every night in a different bed and instead spends for the true love fights. Moreover, Francesca has already promised to another man. Casanova leaves unturned to Francesca heart to win, but the Inquisition, headed by Bishop Pucci (Jeremy Irons), it is already close to the heels. As Casanova finally yet heard of Francesca, seems already to be too late for the two. But they have not reckoned with Giacomo mother who has promised one day to return to Venice, and then the story but still a good end.

For pulling seduces

Tripp lives despite the advanced age in his parents Sue and Al. The last rescue, to get rid of girlfriends, sees female hero Tripp is that it is home to invite. At least then it is definitely going on.

His parents have fed their tenants, they want to live their own lives and committed the attractive Paula, so they moved to Tripp, from the parents' house undress. Paula is a professional "Extract": They feigns love to nest the male stool to move to housing. Paid is plagued by the parents.

Tripp brings Paula sailing, she sleeps with him. Paula really in love with her client and that creates some problems.

Paula has a new job in Colorado and will accept him, because Tripp is unaware that she is engaged by his parents. The whole of Paula girlfriend and cruises pals "saved". In the end, we see the couple fell in love fresh Tripp and Paula on a boat.

Man about town

The talent scout Jack Giamoro is working in Hollywood, he is married. He sees his life as an unfulfilled. One day, he learns that his wife Nina him with one of his clients cheat.

The idea to arrange leads Giamoro a diary. The diary, the intimate information about his life, then by the journalist Barbi Ling stolen; Bring Back the cost Giamoro much trouble.

Into the Blue

As young couple Jared (Paul Walker) and Sam (Jessica Alba) lead an enjoyable life in the Bahamas. While Sam in a recreational park, has Jared his job as a diving instructor and terminated dreams of a treasure on the ocean floor to find. One day, Bryce (Scott Caan), a childhood friend of the couple, with his new girlfriend Amanda (Ashley Scott) over. The counsel has one of his clients a villa and a yacht available. With the ship to make the four a diving excursion. They discovered the remains of a sunken ship and a plane wreck fully with cocaine. While Jared interested in the ship, have Bryce and Amanda on the drug apart. It was agreed that the aircraft can be in peace, but not the police to contact the ship's Fund not to jeopardize.

Bryce and Amanda consider themselves but not to the deal and salvage parts of the cocaine. They try, that the club owner Primo (Tyson Beckford) Anne. This leads them to his boss, however, the drug lord Reyes (James Frain), the cocaine already be expected. Jared is on the yacht created by Reyes and receives from him 12 hours to the rest of cocaine to salvage, all four would otherwise die.

Back ashore Jared explains his girlfriend the incident. This will enable but have nothing to do and lets him. To make Jared, Bryce and Amanda alone on the salvage. During the night diving action is Amanda from a tiger attacked and severely injured. Jared and Bryce break the dive and take Amanda to a hospital, where her but not more can be helped. In the hospital, the two meet again, Sam. Together, they want to return home when they receive a call from Primo kriegen. It wants to know whether the drug. Sun is developing a car chase at the end is Jared, the gangsters, the policemen Sam Roy (Dwayne Adway) for help and Bryce emerged from the dust.

Primo brings to Jared Reyes yacht. As Jared rid itself of its shackles can he noticed that all aboard, including Primo - has been murdered. Jared examined the boat and take on Bates (his former employer) explained to him that his business partner Reyes him a pup and therefore wanted to die. Even Jared will die, but this manages to escape. Meanwhile Roy brings to Sam Bates, which it as a means of pressure against Jared starts. Together with Bryce he forges a plan to liberate his girlfriend and Bates to the craft. So he agrees, the criminals to the crash site. Once there, developed an underwater battle at the end of which it succeeds Jared and Bryce the drug plane to blow up and kill Bates.

Six weeks later, one sees Jared, Sam and Bryce is an old ship's cannon to hold. It tears but a rope and the gun drops back into the depths. On Seabed arrived through the hidden wooden deck of the sunken ship and a cargo bullion comes to light.

The perfume story of a murderer

France in the 18th Century: A young man in chains in the French city of Grasse from his prison cell to the balcony of the town hall dragged before the furious urban population at the bottom of the market place hateful to the announcement of his death sentence for multiple murder waits. The announcement of the execution bestialischer triggers widespread jubilation in the schaulustigen weight.

A flashback takes on the fish market in Paris, where on 17 In July 1738, one of the hottest days of the year, a fish seller aufschreit and then her fifth child, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, in a sudden fall release birth. The newborn arrives in the midst of stinking fish waste. His mother does not care about him and suspected that he was a "half" or stillbirth, as in previous years, their four other children. As the baby from physical forces began to scream, so that it is behind the state Fish discovered, Jean-Baptistes mother tried in vain before the surrounding crowd to flee, from which they attempted Kindesmords accused. Shortly afterwards, they executed by the strand.

The child arrives at Madame Gaillard, the food children against payment records. A few older children watch the baby with suspicion. A boy approaching him, when the baby takes his index finger to find him intensively to snuffle. Now suspicious, adopt the children, the baby to suffocate. Madame Gaillard this crime can be prevented by accident and the boy with a whip. Grenouille is getting older and the world opens up about his sense of smell. He sniffs his environment, even a dead rat explored it in this way. He will soon realize his great talent, fragrances with his extremely sensitive nose up and to remember. With six years, he has already given its environs olfactory fully tapped.

With 13 years sold Madame Gaillard Grenouille in the Gerber Grimal. In Grimal Grenouille has a very hard life. Every day he must up to 16 hours work, and he is one of the few that survive long periods Fron. As he rises within Grimals operation, he may goods in the city-installed. In the streets of Paris, he meets a universe of fragrances. Especially pleased to have him two ladies, in a carriage on his passing. He follows them to a perfumery, and through the window, he stares into the shop inside, where different scents are issued. Grenouilles smell has been refined, and he should finally discover that the scent of a young, red-haired girl, Mirabelle sold, it has particularly impressed. When he intensively on their hands snuffles, the girl is so frightened of them that it is fleeing. Grenouille follows her, however, she cries, and as a loving couple in the vicinity vorbeischlendert, he expresses his hand on her mouth to prevent that they are discovered. As the couple disappeared again, Grenouille noticed that the girl he accidentally asphyxiated. It tears her clothes and smells intensely on her entire body, but without them to abuse.

As Grenouille a cargo leather when Hussein Giuseppe Baldini wish, so he called in his shop. Baldini was once one of the most directors of Paris perfume, but now is his fame faded. Hardly anyone lost in his shop on the houses built with Pont au Change. A competitor has a perfume called "Amor and Psyche" on the market, after the elegant Paris. Baldini is mandated by a customer, a new fragrance to create, as well as to be "Amor and Psyche". Baldinis assistant, a bottle worried, but Baldini has for the fragrance only concerns comments left. Baldini stretches back to his laboratory, in order to copy the scent. Inspired, he is of "Amor and Psyche", of which he himself another bottle in a drawer lie. He tries to fathom what essences in "Amor and Psyche" are hidden and writes for a list. Well, when Grenouille in the laboratory, this is, "Amor and Psyche" to know and to know exactly what it is. Baldini is angry, but Grenouille searches all essences in essence Baldinis collection, which consists of the scent. Baldini not believe it, and offers him Grenouille, with a mix of essences to prove that he is right. And actually succeed him, the scent nachzuschöpfen exactly, he is not mistaken in the quantitative composition. These he purely emotionally, it must be the share of essences not measure, but she pours so, as he feels that it is right. Baldini has astonished recognize that Grenouille actually "Amor and Psyche" could imitate. Not only that, he even offers the perfumer, the Imitation of a really good perfume to refine. As Grenouille, he asks Baldini, in the teaching him to go. Baldini says, you will see, but after he tested Grenouilles perfume, it appears soon Grimal and buys him Grenouille for 50 francs. The Gerber Grimal stumbles into riffs condition is reflected on the head and falls into the Seine, shortly after the trade was perfect.

Grenouille, helping the unprofitable fragrance act Baldinis with its perfumes created with a new gloss, which will soon beyond the borders of France also known. Grenouille learned at Baldini many procedures and techniques for the production of perfumes, including the distillation. But he soon must the boundaries of teaching Baldinis recognize, as it does not succeed in glass or copper scents to distill. As his failures seriously ill, he told Baldini of the French town of Grasse, the perfume your best in the world perform their work, and where he is a further procedure for the preservation of odor could learn, the ration. Grenouille is recovering quickly from his illness and is leaving with his journeyman Paris. Baldini allowed under the condition that he previously Grenouille 100 recipes for perfumes creating perfumes that never again in Paris or anywhere else manufactures and he never with anyone speaks about these conditions. While the young man pulls the south, the house collapses in the Baldinis night in the Seine, and Hussein can no longer recipes.

Grenouille decides on its march towards the south, villages and cities and to avoid its journey across. On the Plomb du Cantal, a volcanic mountain in the central massif, he discovered a cave, in which he set up in complete isolation. Seven years he has lived at this location, fills in the scents, which he noted in his locked inside. As Grenouille comes to the realization that he does not own smell, he relies on the spot the Plomb du Cantal.

On the way to Grasse Grenouille discovered a scent, the more delicious than that of the murdered girl in Paris; A young girl, also with bright red hair runs in their carriage over. Grenouille follows the carriage after Grasse and follows the scent of the girl to her house. Grenouille manage to work as a journeyman in the small atelier Hussein's widow and her Arnulfi journeyman Dominique Druot to find both secretly maintained a relationship with each other. Here succeeds Grenouille, the ration to learn, and soon, it is the desire, methods for preservation of the flavor of the red-haired girl to elaborate.

For this purpose Grenouille roams the area around Grasse. Several beautiful girls are slain by him, and finally with naked and shaved bald heads found. He brews from the lessons of the girls smells a perfume and the scent will of the red-haired girl as the 13th Essence win, "the perfect perfume." As a curfew the murders may not halt, a bishop summoned to the murderers excommunicated. As if by a miracle, during the ceremony of taking the alleged murderer in a nearby town. " Antoine Richis, a wealthy widowed businessman, the second consul of the town of Grasse and the father of the beautiful, red-haired Laure, dares to peace is not. Richis puts itself in the position of the murderer (s.a. Profiler), and comes to the conclusion that his daughter Laure lacked the criminals still in its collection. Hastily Richis a break early in the morning and staged a license to travel to Grenoble, Laure, in a few days, contrary to its noble desire to be married, on a island off the coast monastery to safety. Grenouille follows father and daughter to the South. It succeeds him, in spite of all precautions of Laures father, Laure sleeping in a hotel on the coast to kill and their fragrance with the help of ration to steal. Shortly after the crime, Grenouille captured.

The subject of torture despite Parfümeurgesellen remains in the dark. He said only that he "had the girls used." He will soon be sentenced on 17 and April 1766 to a wooden cross bound and with a full awareness of 12 shots with an iron rod, which he all of his body joints break. In addition, he held until his death on the cross aufgeknüpft wood. The execution initiated for the public ceremony is changing, however, rendered in a sexual orgy. Grenouille has managed, through its scents from the women he murdered created perfume tenderness and love for others to stimulate. With just a drop of this perfume succeed him off his execution. Even Antoine Richis by the scent feels deceived and finally fatherly feelings for Grenouille. The perfume diffusing as much love among the crowd and stunned their senses so much that there will be a mass. Grenouille escapes one day after his execution thwarted from Grasse. The population of Grasse forgotten in the collective shame and common agreement in the supernatural event. As Grenouille meanwhile escaped, and they still need a guilty to the curse of Grenouille perpetrated the crimes to an end, they enforce the death sentence on the innocent Dominique Druot Hussein, the former journeyman of Madame Arnulfi, which shed there by Grenouille buried clothes and hair killed the girl had been found.

Grenouille returns to his birthplace, the fish market in Paris, where he dealt with his perfume spills. The people are so inflamed Grenouilles perfume that it is on him and topple him in a cannibal act completely eliminate (eat). Only a bundle of clothes remains Grenouille left. No one, it shall notify the Off-Erzähler, was guilty of a crime - they have felt for the first time in their lives, how they thought, something done out of pure love. The camera runs on the stone floor of the market place, to be in close-up look Grenouilles perfume bottles, which a recent drop out.

The letter princess

Brief Description
The neunj "ministry Eliza is a totally average M dchen with weaker academic achievements. So are all the more surprised when they in the school not only the local but also the Buchstabierwettbewerb at district level wins. Her father Saul, an ambitious Judaism and synagogue cantor, sees Eliza pl "useful with very different eyes. He, so far all his hopes on the son of Aaron, now turns his full attention to the daughter. And so ger "t the fragile fabric of the family Naumann slowly out of balance.

Dance! Every dream begins with the first step

The film begins in Hamburg, where the young Prosper breaks from the boarding school and his little brother Bo from the Villa their Aunt Esther exempt. The mother of two has died, and her aunt, the younger of the brothers adopted, the elderly but in a boarding school. But both want to stay together. Therefore, they flee to the beautiful lagoon city of Venice, where their dead mother has always loved.

But the thing is harder than I thought. Constantly, the two flee and are forced to steal to survive. When the brothers returned to one evening a hard night in an old farm Venice prepare, they suddenly take on a black, masked guy named Scipio, the "Lord of the thieves." He takes with Bo and Prosper in an old cinema where his hideout, the "Star hideout." There, he lives with his friends Riccio, wasp and Mosca, who also are all orphans. As "The Thief Lord" At night he goes to foray us all stealing valuables. It is, he has never been caught. The stolen valuables they then sell to a dealer named Ernesto Barbarossa. With this money, it creates the bonds, and to provide through.

Meanwhile, Esther and Maximilian Hartlieb the detective Victor Getz instructed her nephew Bo and Prosper to find and return. Victor starts the search with equipment and many disguises.

By now Scipio Barbarossa learns from a mysterious man of a very special job for him. He meets this man named Conte "together with Mosca and Prosper in the confessional at St. Mark's Basilica. It is for him a strange wood wings steal against a high payment. What Conte of this wing is needed, however, he will not be betrayed. Meanwhile, the Bo tells Victor Getz covered much information about his friends and their hideout in an old cinema. Victor then visited Dottor Massimo, the owner and find out the real Scipio in the son of the rich Dottors. Victory makes sure he is on the way to the movies to Bo and Prosper finally to be found.

There, however, he overwhelmed by the children and captured. He feundet with them and tells them the truth about their friend Scipio. The children want to convince themselves and go on to the Villa Massimo. There, however, they must find that Victor has not lied and the "Lord of the thieves" really the son Dottor Massimos. They also know now that Scipio never really a master thief, but all that stuff just stolen from his wealthy parents' house. All now want nothing more to do with Scipio and therefore plan for the wing to steal Conte alone.

When they resumed the following evening in the house in which instead of the wings, they meet again on Scipio and get into an argument. Then they are symbolic of Ida, owner of the house discovered them everything about the job betrayed. They are friends with Ida, and they learn all about the mysterious wings. He belongs to the magical carousel of Mercy Sisters, which has long disappeared. Who runs on the carousel will either grow or another child.

Ida leaves the children the wing on the condition that they may go to the carousel itself. After the handover to Conte and his sister, they both secretly by boat to the island of Isola Segreta cursed, as the merry-go-round now. They discovered, however, and must flee. Meanwhile betrays Barbarossa, everything has mitbeobachtet, police hideout of the gang and leaves Bo and wasp trap. Bo is on his aunt Esther and brought wasp lands in the orphanage of the Mercy Sisters.

Prosper, Riccio Mosca and make Victor responsible for this betrayal, and watch him. This, however, swear to them that he was not. The detective learned where they put Bo and wasp and the Conte, and she betrayed them counterfeit money disbursed. Ida and Victor wasp create it again from the orphanage to pick them, are as godmother and attorneys spend. Even Bo succeed again to flee from the claws Lima and her husband.

Prosper and Scipio decide alone to Isola Segreta to ride on the carousel to ride because they necessarily want to be grown up. On the island they take on the Conte named Renzo and his sister, the children again, by the carousel. The wing was the last missing piece to the carousel to strike again. As compensation for the wrong money, he Scipio on the device drive, the proud man as adult returns. Prosper but decided to stay young, so he remains a brother Bo. Shortly thereafter appears suddenly on Barbarossa, also based on the merry-go-round continues and as a small child back. But on the basis of his strong weight breaks from the wing and destroyed the carousel forever.

Scipio and Prosper Idas to return home, where all their friends again. But the Hartliebs are followed them and ask Bo back. In the ensuing turmoil, Prosper by Maximilian Hartlieb almost shot and Scipio makes the two realized that they could no child care and scares them forever. Finally, Scipio and Victor working together as detectives, Riccio Mosca and start their own lives and Bo, Prosper and wasp may Ida stay and be a family.

Your, My, Our

Frank Beardsley is a widowed (Admiral) of the U.S. Coast Guard and President of the United States Coast Guard Academy of the eight Great. Helen North is a widowed designer with ten children. When the two that are already in high school, a couple were on a class reunion again, they discover again the love and marry each other promptly, which of course entails problems, particularly with regard to the now thirty family. According to initial a clinch unite the children, through various vulgarities, the parents again to be separated.

Final Destination 3

The young high school -Absolventin Wendy Christensen, in an amusement park a premonition that the roller coaster that they and their friends want to use, due to a concatenation of unhappy circumstances crash, and so all the passengers in the death of tear. They and some of their schoolmates go out not with the train, shortly after the accident actually. Among the victims is also Wendys friend.

A little later, the survivors-some of them under cruel circumstances - die, Wendy discovered that the photos they shot before the trip, a reference to the circumstances of the death survivors. Together with friend Kevin Fischer Carrys they tried to outwit death. This is aggravated by the fact that the two of the names of two survivors do not know.

Wendy and Kevin find out that the school in the working Ian and Wendy sister Julie in the roller coaster would have died. At a public festival will Wendys sister Julie almost from the bridle a horse ausbüchsendes strangled, but in the last minute by Kevin saved before they rake in a spitzkantigen would be dire. It turns out that not only Julie in the roller coaster has sat, but also their girlfriend Perry. This is seconds later by the rebellion still not calmed by a horse umherschleudernden semaphore spike. The three survivors temporarily can then only watch helplessly as Ian by a falling crane stands shattered. Special irony gets the scene, as Ian on the Rummel was to kill Wendy and the overturning of his honorary fireworks survived, which is close to him vorbeifeuert. Kevin, however, prior to death and thus saved-so believe the protagonists - whether the plan of death thwarted.

Five months later: Wendy, in New York as a student started a new life, as in a subway by chance -Waggon first on Julie and then Kevin meets. Wendy had a premonition that they should leave the subway, but by the surprising embrace her sister, who grade the train climbs, prevented. Her sister Wendy explained that they only by a series of coincidences subway climbed because they wanted to visit her sister. Shortly thereafter recognizes Wendy Kevin and the first signs of the presence of death (Flashing light breeze). Wendy through again a vision in which they train on the wrong track sough sees. Due to the derailment, her sister and Kevin died, it is clamped under the wreckage and sees an oncoming train annahen. Shortly thereafter, the film jumps back to the scene in which Sister Wendy, just entered the subway-the protagonists have the Unabwendbaren forward after the train in motion. While it is not clear whether the protagonists killed, but the futile efforts to press the emergency brake, the guy dissolved.

The lawnmower man

The scientist Dr. Angelo worked for the government in experiments for performance enhancement. Using drugs and artificial reality, the perfect soldier to be. An experimental animal, a chimpanzee, are, from the research institution to escape. On the run, the monkey refuge in the simple gardener Jobe, the only all of the lawnmower man called. The monkey is used by the researchers detected and shot. Dr. Angelo is frustrated and wants to work for the government and abandon its experiments on their own. Dr. Angelo offers Jobe, to teach him. By gehirnstimulierende substances and virtual reality succeed within a very short time, the intellectual skills to Jobes. Dr. Angelo turns to his research facility back to the experiment. Jobe has been telekinetic and telepathic abilities and learns very fast. Now he is, the experiment will necessarily continue. On his own, he injected a higher dose of its drugs. However, Dr. Angelos superior substances swapped: Jobe injected the drug aggression, which provides for the chimpanzees. For Jobe, the lawnmower man who on a bloody revenge campaign moves. Last succeed him, from his physical shell to separate and on the Internet. In order to demonstrate his power, he lets all the phones ringing in the world

A magical Nanny

The Browns are a family with seven children. The widowed father is overwhelmed with his children and is therefore a nanny ( "Nanny") after another. But once it is already 17 children were girls, are the children and the leader, the oldest son, Simon, immediately agreed that the number 18 does not stay long. Since decides to Nanny McPhee, the family to visit. After she ties with the magic firmly in the grasp, it takes care of a new woman for Mr. Brown, the cunning concerns of bright aunt Adelaide and the secret service of the girl and thereby slowly wins the heart of the Brown children.

Half Light-Between Light and Shadows


Rachel Carlson is a very successful writer of mystery novels and lives in London. My small son Thomas died one day by an accidental death. Eight months later, they still can not write. Their marriage with a lecturer Brian is in a crisis.

Rachel moves to the remote village of Ingonish Cove in Scotland to restore itself to find. It makes friends with the caretaker of the lighthouse Angus McCulloch.

Rachel However, the spirit of her dead son is pursuing, leaving her enigmatic messages. Soon she learns that McCulloch had died years ago. Later, it turns out that Brian and his lover Sharon Winton crazy they want to do, after her suicide to stage. So both want to Rachels assets. "Angus" is their accomplice, in truth, and Patrick is the identity assumed by Angus.

Brian and Sharon Rachel bind to anchor a boat and they want to drown, but they can be exempt under water, as they participate in one of the indications of Thomas' spirit recalls. Brian and Sharon are from the spirit of true Angus killed, the lighthouse still weilt. Patrick commits suicide, as it once did Angus. In the end Rachel again returns to London.

Switchback grace Lose escape

The FBI agent Frank LaCrosse chases on his own account of his wife's murderer. The serial killer is also the son of Frank abducted. A murder case in a motel in Amarillio brings Frank LaCrosse on the track of the Trucker Bob Goodall, the Anhalter Lane Dixon, the United States continues. In pursuit of the two men LaCrosse receives support from Sheriff Buck Olmstead and his people. In the course of the investigation compresses the suspicion of Dixon as a serial killer. The police, the two suspects in a train in the Rocky Mountains. It turns out that Bob Goodall of Fields. In the ensuing fight between the parties Goodall falls off the train and dies. La Crosse believes his son was now lost. But Dixon remembers an address, Goodall said. They found his son Frank LaCrosse well.

Michael Bay's Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Brief description:

The action takes place in the summer of the year 1973. Five teenagers - Erin, Kemper, Andy, Pepper and Morgan - are on the return journey from Mexico to Dallas. On the way to a concert runs them on a lonely country road in Texas a girl in front of the car. Relief ready to take the completely disturbed girl with the short to suddenly pulls a revolver and shoots in the head. Her last words are: "You will all die!"

From the local Tankstellenbetreiberin to a secluded ranch piloted find her and her friends a little later in their vicinity verlottertes a house in which only an old, beinamputierter man in a wheelchair seems to reside. As Kemper however illicitly enter his domicile, as appears from nowhere a giant Debil acting with a mask made of human skin (Leather Face) and starts, with its constantly roaring chain saw relentlessly hunt for the young people to make

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Brief description:
N a Texas slaughterhouse in 1939 brings a pregnant woman a child to the world. The child is from the chief of the butchers in the garbage container challenge. A little later, a woman who opens a garbage container and the child back to their homes takes.

Thirty years later, the works have grown Leather Face in a slaughterhouse. This will, however, closed. From anger that the chief him and his family as "stupid", it brings Leather Face. He takes a chain saw and makes itself at home.

Otherwise, four local young people, Eric, Chrissie his girlfriend, his brother and his girlfriend, Dean Bailey, on the way to a barracks so that the two men to Vietnam.

While Meanwhile, the local sheriff before the House of Hewitt, with Charlie Hewitt, the uncle of Leather Face, to look after this. Suddenly they see on the street Leather Face. The sheriff threatened him until Charlie erschiesst him. This is immediately dead and Charlie is now that the role of the Sheriff Hoyt.

On the continuing drive to Texas, the youths from a motorcycle driver pressed to stop. When Eric a gun from the glove compartment and turn round picks, he goes on a road running cow. The car turns over and Chrissie will be hurled from the vehicle. Meanwhile unexpectedly meets Charlie as Sheriff Hoyt at the Accident and shoots the motorcycle driver. Then he orders Dean, and Eric Bailey, in his car to rise.

While Chrissie still in car accident after Erics weapon searches, meets Monty Hewitt with the lorry at the scene of an accident. Chrissie can hide in the car and so also to the House of Hewitt. While Meanwhile, Eric and Dean of Hoyt drilled, because one of them is the army wanted to escape. Eric Leather Face is captured and chained in his basement. Dean during an escape attempt from a bear trap and remains injured.

Chrissie and Holden, the friend of the killed Bikerin, try in vain to help her friends. It is Holden of Leather Face in two parts apart. Chrissie runs in the cellar and found mutilated their friend tied to a desk. Suddenly, Leather Face in the basement and kill Eric, with Chrissie all the time, hidden under the table. Leather Face Eric cuts from the face, to a mask to make it. (The name "Leather Face" is because he previously-from his birth vorhandene- disfigurement of the face by a sort of "mouth protection" covered with leather). Chrissie and Bailey are Hoyt found and recorded. They must see how his uncle Leather Face Monty legs goose because Holden him in the legs were shot, and Hoyt this is a good solution holds. Bailey points of Leather Face at the dinner table the throat cut. Finally, Chrissie manage to escape. It is Dean, the sudden jumps in the scene, after a pursuit of Leather Face with a chain saw killed.

With a car Chrissie tries to leave the city. Shortly before the city limits, however, appears Leather Face in the back seat and kills them with his chain saw by the driver's seat. The car races at the same time at a police car and a passing policeman and the driver of the stopped cars. After rising Leather Face from the vehicle and runs with his chain saw back home. It is said that Hewitt family from 1969 to 1973 a total of 33 people killed,

As long as you are

There is also a book!


The professionally successful Elizabeth Masterson (Reese Witherspoon) suffers a car accident and is subsequently in a coma. It is a very unusual coma because her soul running around and they can all see. Only they themselves no one takes true. Two months later pulls the widowed architect David Abbott (Mark Ruffalo) in their homes. One evening, running the two in an apartment on the way. Elizabeth David thinks it would be in recession and David thinks that he leased by fraud netted it. They do not believe initially that it is a ghost and wants him out of the apartment market. But soon they recognize that they are nothing to remember, and only David can help her to find out who she is and why it as a spirit lives on, as he now is the only time that they can actually see.

In the course of the film recognizes Elizabeth, who she was and David falls in love with her. You find out that she is in a coma and try to shut their life support equipment to prevent it. At the end of the film Elizabeth awakens from the coma, but first of all not to remember David.

Elizabeth pulls back into their homes and then goes up onto the roof, where they have always wanted to create a garden. That has now David, the profession of landscape architect, for they did. When the two hands, but then drops it all again. The two lovers finally align themselves in the arms and kiss itself hearted.


The New York City living, recently divorced 37-year-old career woman Rafi Gardet (Uma Thurman) seeks help with the psychotherapist Lisa Metzger (Meryl Streep). Metzger supports Gardet in the decision, a relationship with a younger man detail. Only later, it turns out that these same 23 men Metzger's son David Bloomberg.

The butcher is deeply rooted in the Jewish tradition rooted to link Davids with a non woman in the family comes to rejection. Rafi and David argue, at the end they reconcile.

The film ends a year later, after the two had separated again. Their eyes meet and they accidentally let their relationship further review.

The letter princess

Brief Description
The neunj "ministry Eliza is a totally average M dchen with weaker academic achievements. So are all the more surprised when they in the school not only the local but also the Buchstabierwettbewerb at district level wins. Her father Saul, an ambitious Judaism and synagogue cantor, sees Eliza pl "useful with very different eyes. He, so far all his hopes on the son of Aaron, now turns his full attention to the daughter. And so ger "t the fragile fabric of the family Naumann slowly out of balance.


An American family moves into a house in Spain, in the vicinity of 40 years earlier in connection with religious rituals six children disappeared. Mark suffers from the parade under mental disorder, which is why he will be medically treated. His son Paul is convinced in his bedroom supernatural forces were active.

Marks daughter Regina learns that the house was designed to check the effect of the supernatural every 40 years encountered constellation of celestial body. There is still a need for the death of a child, so that the rituals performed. Regina and Carlos with her friends try to save her brother.


Brief description:

The plot strands are interlinked and fit into a coherent story of the greed for oil and the struggle for money and power. This influenced by numerous corruption will inevitably conflict on all sides its victims.

The CIA Agent Bob Barnes (George Clooney) loses during an operation in Iran, a Stinger missile, in the hands of terrorists drops. Elements of the rocket will be used to build a bomb, a suicide attack on a tanker of Connex-Killen group carried out.

The Texas-based oil Connex is one of the largest energy companies in the world. After the company oil fields in an unnamed Arab country has lost, it tries to other oil fields in Kazakhstan. To this end, it merged with another company, Killen, which is vested in Kazakhstan. With the completion of the merger, the law firm of Dean Whiting (Christopher Plummer).

The energy expert Bryan Woodman (Matt Damon) learns the Emir a private unnamed state, and is familiar with the adviser to the Emir's son, Prince Nasir. This plant, democratizing reforms in his country, but his father, the Emir ill, hands over power to his unscrupulous brother, the backing of the United States. Nasir wants the influence of the United States to quit his country and organizing a coup. Because the interests of the United States to the oil deposits in this state are threatened, Nasir by the CIA classified as a terrorist. The agent Bob Barnes contradicts this assessment, and tries to murder his own fist by an armed drone to prevent it. He does too late, and died, along with Nasir, the impact of the rocket.

Another action strand tells how two young Pakistani poor as cheap Ölarbeitskräfte in rich Saudi Arabia and partially unemployed and humiliated by the amenities of a Koranic school days, ever deeper into extremist circles can be drawn. Finally, you lead with the help of a fishing boat, the suicide attack on the tanker.

The new world

North America, 1607: On a spring day in April to reach three English vessels with a total of 103 men aboard the east coast of North America. On behalf of the royally chartered Virginia Company, the men from the Far England a cultural, religious and economic base on the coast establish it as the beginning of the New World. The flagship of the fleet is the Susan Constant. Under cover of Brigg is the rebellious 27-year-old John Smith. In chains have expected it because his refusal to obey a death sentence passed to him to be executed as soon as the ship reaches land. The talented Smith is among men too popular, that it could hang, and he is supported by Captain Christopher Newport pardoned when the Susan Constant anchor off the coast poses. Captain Newport is sure that he is in the unknown wilderness in any powerful man instructed.

The settlers entered the foreign country and establish the settlement of Jamestown in honor of King James I of England. What Newport and his men, however, do not suspect is that the British settlers in the midst of a highly Kingdom of the Native Americans landed. For the colonists, it is apparently a new world, but for the powerful Chief Powhatan, it is an ancient civilization and the only one they have ever known. The English, strangers in a foreign country, see the beginning of the struggle as the only means to the Native Americans to help. John Smith, on the other hand seeks support for the families of the tribe of immigrated, but is captured by warriors and as a prisoner of Chief Powhatan. Just as he as a warning for the other Englishman to be killed, there is a young girl between Smith and his executioner. The young girl named Pocahontas is the youngest daughter of the chief and can convince her father, Smith to Comics. Smith learns that the peaceful way of life of indigenous people know and spends more and more time with Pocahontas, which they finally fall into each other. This relationship increasingly alarmed chief Powhatan.

Finally, John Smith returns along with a group of Pocahontas' village after Jamestown, the hungry men of the Virginia Company want to help. Shortly thereafter, a seething conflict between Smith and his countrymen and women, who finally in a battle against the British natives escalates. Because of the desperate situation in Jamestown John Smith returned briefly to England, and Pocahontas will be left behind in the belief that her lover was killed in the battle. Powhatan then sends his daughter to his cousin in the north-into exile. There is a charge against a copper boiler to the men of Jamestown sold by their hostage-taking to the attacks on the colony to an end.

Pocahontas spends the rest of her life in the British colony, learn reading and writing and finally takes the life of the Englishman. Later on the name "Rebecca" and baptized in their mourning for their totgeglauben John Smith, Pocahontas lost in a world of loneliness, they no longer speaks. A few months later, she accepted the marriage proposal of the plantation owner John Rolfe. Together they operate the plantation and get it soon offspring in the form of a son.

After a few years, Pocahontas with her family to England invited. "Lady Rebecca" after their arrival in London the conversation of the day in the districts of the British nobility. It is astonished at the many new impressions, which they in the country wins its third and meets again on John Smith, but decided to remain faithful to Rolfe. Before she returned to Virginia can return them seriously ill and died shortly afterwards.

Dance! Every dream begins with the first step

For the dance teacher Pierre Dulaine is the dancing life. In his dance school he brings wealthy children and adults the waltz, tango and foxtrot. But when he one day after a gala Rock boys on the street, destroying a car, changed his life drastically. He put the boys to talk and is shocked how respectful and the boy is desperate.

Pierre Dulaine trying to help and does so in a high school and gives the Director of the problem children with a dance perspective. After initial hesitation, they agreed to and leaves him the Nachsitzer who do not supervise other teachers wanted. His first new students are not enthusiastic. Have they prefer to dance to their hip-hop music. When she is a dance competition to know where you can gain 5,000 US dollars, will start for the young people to dance to interest and create a new style: the Hip-Hop Ballroom. And with the emotions of the children and the steps of Pierre advances victory within reach.

In the end the kids at the dance competition and bring new moves with new momentum in the dance event. Sasha, Danjou and Ramos have with their hot Dreier Tango big chances to win, but are disqualified because Couples only, and no teams are allowed. Since this tie, the winning couple says that this round as a draw, and it passes the cup Sasha. Then the mood is omitted, and the kids are dancing to hip-hop music of their standard dance, which is also the end of the film.

The end is a little strange and confusing ...

Blood Diamond

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

The plot plays against the background of civil war in Sierra Leone. At the beginning of film, the black Africans Solomon Vandy and his son through a village in Sierra Leone. The rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) attacked it on the bright daylight and kill some villagers; Both children, as well as women. Vandys wife and daughter could escape, his son was later found by the rebels and as a child soldier. Vandy is kidnapped and forced, in a diamond mine in Kono to work. He finds a large and valuable diamonds with a weight of about 100 carats and buries this on the edge of the mine, shortly before government troops attacked them, and all surviving militiamen and arrest workers.

The building Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) derived Battalion-32 -Soldat the former apartheid South African Army (SADF), Danny Archer, thrives on the smuggling of diamonds from Sierra Leone to Liberia, he works for his former boss Colonel Coetzee and his mercenary company. Archer is on the border with Liberia arrested. In prison he learns of the large diamonds. He promises Vandy that he had for a share of the diamonds to his family reunification permit. In general chaos after taking the capital Freetown by the RUF troops can both escape.

Together with the American journalist Maddy Bowen, on the trade in blood diamonds researched, they can Vandys wife and daughters in a Guinean refugee camp after them. Archer is Bowen in exchange for their help Details on the trade in blood diamonds. Archer and Vandy finally found by the rebel troops defended mine. Among the soldiers is also Vandys son. Archer leads an air attack on the mine by government troops mercenaries. Archer and Vandy kill Colonel Coetzee and the other soldiers who face in the issuance of a diamond demand, because he feared that they would kill him later. Archer is wounded.

Vandy Archer and thereby liberate Vandys son, whose hatred against all opponents of the RUF had become so intense that he had his weapon against his own father established, and find the diamonds. On the run from mercenaries to pay the Vandy Archer for a while waiting airplane. Archer, but for no more chance, the plane alive to reach and invites Vandy, go alone. It gives him the blood diamonds. Archer remains.

Vandy and his son may flee before the mercenaries. Vandy via Conakry to London, where he helps Bowen, evidence against the men behind the diamond trade to collect. Vandy will eventually activists against the trade in blood diamonds and holds a speech to international politicians in Kimberley (South Africa).


  • James Berardinelli wrote on Reel Views, the film was a "victim of its length." He described the elements of an adventure film as "tepid." The "complex" character of Danny Archer was "well developed"; The presentation of Leonardo DiCaprio was "solid". Djimon Hounsou effect his role in "volcanic". Jennifer Connelly doing "the best" of their "stereotyped" role. The film, despite its length was "advisable." [1]
  • "Large, complex, sometimes melodramatisches action cinema [...]. More than just 'an adventure film with all the ingredients of a successful action film [...] predicate: Particularly valuable. "(Film Evaluation Unit Wiesbaden) [2]
  • "BFG film [...] comes about a stereotyped, misery aesthetics', and not dubious moments Action." (Epd film) [3]
  • For Barbara Lehmann (in "Die Zeit" No. 5, 25 January 2007), the swashbuckling film a tightrope walk between education and entertainment is

Sierra Charriba

Brief Description
Major Dundee, which is a continuation of the Mexican border commanded, in 1864 a punitive expedition against the Apache chief Sierra Chariba together. The command suffers from behind holding the Indians and clashes with Dundee Southern states - Captain Tyreen, the mitgeritten reluctantly. In a Mexican village under the French occupation advertises Dundee vain for the widow of the village doctor. The Indians are killed. Tyreen Linville in the battle against French troops in the border river.

With Mario Adorf, Charles Heston, and Senta Berger of the director Sam Peckinpah