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Flight 93

They tell the events, and events before and during the flight of United Airlines flight number with the 93rd On 11 September 2001 al-Qaida abducted the plane. The passengers tried to overpower the terrorists and the plane eventually crashed into a field in the state of Pennsylvania.


  • Flight 1993 had a budget of 15 million dollars and is largely without expensive special effects.
  • The dialogues and playful illustrations are largely improvised, and so will the viewers the oppressive feeling, right in the thick of it.
  • Many American cinemas took the trailer out of the program because admissions weeping from the halls were, in addition, there were cries that it is such a film "too early".
  • Paul Greengrass engaged for the film no known actor, but continued to authenticity by eyewitnesses and air traffic controllers to actors made.
  • There is another TV movie with a similar name (Flight 93) by Colin Glazer, the American television ran, and in Germany only available on DVD. He is here treated the film very similar.
  • The film was the Oscar ceremony in 2007 in the following categories nominated (without an Oscar win): Best Director and Best Editing.

The Descemt - abyss of horror

The film is about a caving expedition six women friends in the American Appalachians. One of the girls, Sarah, still processed the trauma of a car accident in the previous year, in which her husband and her daughter died, but she survived. Since then, she has a recurring dream of her daughter with a birthday cake. As leader of the group organizing the trip Juno, which also Beth, the enthusiastic extreme athlete Holly and the two sisters, Rebecca and Sam van Ney.

After a night in a mountain hut Juno leads the five friends to the entrance of a cave system, which they believe is that the tourist Boreham Caverns. They abseil off and soon thereafter separately through a narrow tunnel. Sarah remains as a last stuck in the tube and gets a claustrophobic panic attack. Beth crawls back to Sarah and tried to calm them, but the response is unstable and crashes immediately after Sarah has liberated itself and the two fled the aisle have left, collapses.

Since they closed the back, Juno admitted in a subsequent dispute, that they are not in the Boreham Caverns, but in an unnamed and unexplored cave system, which they and their friends wanted to jointly explore.

When crossing a deep gaping gap Rebecca discovered in the cave ceiling an ancient Kent of a past expedition, but the still unnamed cave could never have left. As Holly then phosphorus reflections in rock for daylight, and the unwary entlanghastet the tunnel, crashing them buried in a gap and broke the leg. The girlfriends abseil down to her leg and appeared before the pain screaming Holly. Sarah away from the scene of an accident in a side cave, as she believes a child's laughter to be heard. They discovered a rusty helmet, and shortly thereafter immersed in a further distance pale in the light cone shape their torch, which is rapidly removed. Your friends do not believe Sarah's stories and run with a reference to a deceptive calm.

When they cave drawings, they recognize that there is a second source, and must decide, in this system of endless corridors, rock cracks and caves to search. It turns out that they are not alone. The cave system live strange, as ugly as blind crawlers, people not so dissimilar, but completely to life in the darkness. Their only goal: Fresh meat! For the women Embittered begins a fight for survival, in which not only the crawler their enemies, but also mutual distrust, the pervasive darkness and paranoia.

Already at the first battle against the onrushing crawler is Holly fatally injured. The others fled, but remains behind Juno and kills a crawler, which will bring Holly corpse. In the excitement of the crashes they herbeieilenden Beth from behind an ice ax accidentally in the neck and lets it after Beth chain from her neck has wrenched back. This keeps secret to the others. But Sarah finds the dying Beth, which warns them against Juno. Sarah It passes the chain, which Juno husband of Sarah's got.

After some further struggles remain ultimately only Juno and Sarah left. The two heard a group heraneilender crawlers. Sarah shows the chain of Juno Beth, it proposes an ice ax in the Wade and lets them in the back crawlers. It even runs away, but a little later crashing into a gap. She has the vision that she finds the outcome there, escapes from the cave and still in panic flees with her car. But then they realized that this was only a dream. In the final sequence, she sits in total resignation on the cave floor and waits for her fate.

Serenity - fleeing into new worlds

The movie is about six months after the last episode of the television series Firefly. The Serenity comic-Those Left Behind tells the history about the film.

In about 500 years, humanity has exploited the abandoned and contaminated earth and a new planetary system found, with several different planets and moons, many of them through Terraforming habitable for humans could be made. Apart from the central planet, the high standard of living, there are many marginal worlds that are still at the beginning of the settlement. There is much still quite primitive. The situation there is similar to the colonization of the American West. Equipment, Armament and costumes remind these places so much aware of Western films.

On board the space ship, the Serenity crew with smuggling, theft and minor transportation contracts. Captain Malcolm Reynolds was Sergeant Brown Coat the rebels lost in the independence war against the alliance, the Union of Central planet. He scares even before the attacks and robbery is not severe, but is not totally immoral. Ratio is only in an emergency, and victims are never defenseless people. His crew he sees as his family.

Two people aboard his ship, but the risk to the entire crew: The physician Dr. Simon Tam and his sister River. River has always been an exceptionally gifted and intelligent girl. The alliance has recognized their talents early on and they-under the pretext that they are on in an institute for gifted HAS person as a test for experimental abused. The aim was, among other things, perfect fighter with telepathic abilities to create. Simon River, using all his assets exempt. Since they are on the run, and he serves on the Serenity as a ship's doctor, in order to pay for the passage.

The alliance has a nameless agent of River and Simon used, a man with unlimited powers. In Rivers memory is information hidden, never to reach the public. Information on which she has access not aware of them but repeatedly fragments in psychotic episodes come to the surface.

On all channels of entertainment media makes the agent a hidden military signal to send, on the River had been conditioned. It evokes a memory in her a name: Miranda. Above all, but it lets them to a combat machine, without any weapons other than local visitors battle continues. The incident brings the agent on a hot track River and Serenity.

Only with great difficulty can the Serenity to escape pursuers and Inara again for the crew won. The colony of Shepherd Book is attacked by agents and the entire population was murdered. Instead of waiting until it sooner or later be found, they go on the offensive: River finds from a psychotic thrust out that Miranda is the name of a small planet, which appears in no database, there are only rumors about failed Terra forming. Why was there, the alliance wants to hide, and the crew is not known River. You choose to fly to the planet and the mystery. But the flight is dangerous, you need to Reaver territory of the cross. These are people who are on the brink of madness live. Their spaceships as they have their own body disfigured, they make hunting on other people, they torture and eat.

It succeeds as a disguised Reaver-Schiff Serenity, Miranda reach. The planet has an intact and viable environment. However, the entire population is dead A tracking device, the Serenity crew crashed into a ship of the alliance. There you will find the last recording of the Commander of that ship, the unnatural deaths should be investigated. The reason for the mass death was a substance called Pax, that the alliance of air added to the planet. This should reassure the population, riots and rebellion. But it has earned so extreme that people permanently always been phlegmatic and finally even to eat and drink no more desire. At approximately 10% of the population had the means, but different: it had its aggression. They were the ones which we know today as Reaver.

Reynolds and his crew decide that this information to the public. Otherwise, the alliance would, perhaps, the thing with Pax on another planet again.

The dissemination of the message can only help them: Mr. Universe, an information and technology freak, on a moon of its own broadcasting station maintains. But they need the disk with the information to him. Again -Territorium by Reaver. The agent had anticipated this development and they will expect. Although the crew knew that the agent is waiting on them, they dared.

Reynolds intentionally provoked the Reaver, so they Serenity them. As expected lurking in their goal already several ships of the alliance. The Serenity leads the convoy of Reaver ships in the fleet jump into it. Their opponents begin to destroy each other. But the Serenity will be further pursued. After an emergency landing, but the pilot Wash by Reaver dies, the crew takes cover for the following Reaver unstoppable. Reynolds continues his way to continue broadcasting station.

The agent has long since killed Mr. Universe and the transmitters destroyed. But a last message from Mr. Universe Reynolds leads to a hidden spare plant. There he meets but on the agent. While Reynolds tried to overcome it, defended his crew are desperately against attacking Reaver.

Reynolds succeeds, the agent to defeat without him to kill. It sends the message. And for the first time, the agent, who always believed was the right thing to do, what his clients have tried to hush ... While Meanwhile, the survivors of the crew absolutely pushed on the defensive. They will disappear! As Simon life violated, River meets a decision: their skills before they even big fear has to be the protection of others. She throws herself into the fight. And wins. The relief, however, was short-lived: Forces of the Alliance meet.

But a radio command of the agent calls back the troops. His faith in the motives of the alliance is deeply shaken. He even helps in the repair of the Serenity, in the emergency landing had suffered significant damage. After the dead were buried, fly Captain Reynolds and his crew amazingly, in a world characterized by its actions, maybe something will change.

A Fish called Wanda

While the American Gershwitz Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis) in London secretly photographs from the "Diamond House, preparing her accomplice and lover West Otto (Kevin Kline) mentally for the coup before he reads Nietzsche. The two meet in the apartment of their leader George Thomason (Tom Georgeson), where the animal friend Ken Pile (Michael Palin) just feeding the fish. Otto, Wanda as their "brother" presented, some remarks about stuttering Kens not resist. Together, they are making the jewel robbery plan. The prosecutor Archibald Leach (John Cleese) will while his family reported that he had just won the process, but it does not give his wife Wendy (Maria Aitken) and his spoiled daughter Portia (Cynthia Caylor) hearing.

When planning the robbery, George pointed out that the airports generally 72 hours after an act like this monitored. As long should you go with the fleeing abroad wait. Ken gets the job, fleeing vehicles to organize. Camouflaged as cleaning command provides access to the passage in the safe areas and leads the robbery precise. During the trip, however, they have to slow down because the surly old Eileen Mrs. Coady (Patricia Hayes), with her three small dogs crossing the road. She is the only witness, George and his cronies unmaskiert has seen.

On the other change to escape the vehicle, with the George diamonds in a safe hidden in the garage. When I think of the wealth of 20 million amused by Otto and Wanda on the naive trust of their British partners. So Otto anonymous calls the police to be on George - he is removed by the police. The laughter Otto and Wanda passes very quickly because they find the safe empty.

As they discover that they are not alone in the diamonds come visit George in prison. The advice is currently with his lawyer Archie Leach. Wanda feigns compassion for George to the betrayal. Ottos presence fits him not because he suspected him, to have betrayed him. After the visit to the prison, there is Wanda against Archie as law student. She asked him for an autograph and flatters him so much that he was totally in thought davonfährt, with the bag on the car roof. Ken George is the key for the diamonds, agreed to a hiding place and instructed him to keep an eye on Otto to have.

In Georges apartment Otto and Wanda are taking each other to go to bed, when Ken comes home. Wanda observed, as he keys in a small treasure chest in his aquarium fish Wanda hidden. He now expressed his doubts about the reliability of the two, which led to Otto him with a homophilen rapprochement attempt intimidates, while secretly Wanda is the key to it. Ken told her that George the otherwise hidden loot, without knowing where. Wanda brings to at least experience that the key to a locker.

In a police confrontation Mrs Coady identified the perpetrators: George was the man who tried to kill their dogs. Wanda, again dressed as a student, however, visited in Archie's office. He gives her reason to hope that George's opinion, under false suspicion stand. When he hears Wanda full name, he shocked to note that they Georges alibi. He therefore rejected for legal reasons, continue to talk with her - she is finally witness of the defense. Wanda says at this point that it was in fact come to having sex with Archie. On that evening, you will see dramatic change in how Otto and Wanda passionate love, while he was at home before bedtime to his socks smell and the foot nails cut.

The next day George pleaded not guilty in court. It succeeds him, Ken on the verge of negotiating an immigration card with a mandate to the earlier murder witness. Otto, the out. He bets that he can not succeed. Nevertheless, Ken begins with the investigation of Mrs. Coadys house. Wanda will be at the same time for the evening with Archie appointment. Since he refuses to deceiving a Heulkrampf. Hardly have his wife and daughter, the opera house in the direction of leaving, Wanda suddenly Archies in the living room. While they are kissing see it that also provides access Otto, and watching them. You have to hide, as Wendy and Portia because of a flat tire surprisingly come home. Archie dismays, when suddenly his wife in the living room on Wanda court sits. Full Ends perplexed is he, as Otto to recognize. He is a CIA front, all the houses after KGB-Spionen must explore without so at Wendy faith.

Unfortunately, Wanda, the unrecognized can escape their medallion with the lost keys. Portia finds it, and Wendy thinks it is a gift for them. Ken tries Meanwhile, Mrs Coady with a dog fight suicide, but Buttons, the dog until it before and escapes with one of Mrs Coadys doggie. With bad conscience Ken attended the funeral at the cemetery dogs.

While Wanda in Georges bathroom zurechtmacht, reads the invitation of Otto Archie to a secret rendezvous. In fact, the two will meet in the apartment of his friend next to the Thames. He will replace Wanda with a gift of the loss of medallions phrases, but they insist it back. It is a memento of their mother. He promises it, even after Wendy also with hands and feet has defended the Medallion against another gift individuals.

When Wanda and Archie in bed on Ottos amuse stupidity, he is suddenly beside her and Archie hangs from the window to him to be an apology necessary. Ken tries while a further attack on Mrs Coady. He wants it over, but caught only one of their dogs. Wanda is cool to Otto. They demanded that he apologize for Archie. When he arrives at his house, Archie is in disguise in the process of a burglary pretend to the dilemma with the medallion to solve. Otto turns it off. He realizes too late, whom he has since beaten unconscious. For all comes Wendy abundance at this moment home. Archie pretends to be the victim of a burglary, where he Medallion itself takes little that he has been unleashed. To the surprise of his wife he immediately width.

In the apartment of friend Wanda meet for Sex and Archie, where he presented her the medallion. While Wanda move to the gallery, Archie suddenly stands naked before returning family. He must learn that the apartment has been rented again, the one chosen to the previous owner of his present house. After this event Archie decides that he must end the affair. Back home, Otto waiting on him to sign him to apologize. Wendy gets from the window, as her husband confesses to an affair with another woman.

Meanwhile Ken succeeds, Mrs Coady suicide. He is a concrete block on the last dog to bolt, as the old lady dead collapses. George is looking forward to it. He agrees with Ken, that the jewels in a safe in Cathcart Towers Hotel on London's Heathrow Airport are kept, and instructed him to the flight tickets to Rio to buy. This knowledge is Ken undoing. In Georges apartment Otto proceeded to torture methods to him that secret Diouf. He puts his chips into the nose, eats a fish after another out of the aquarium and even threatening, Kens Wanda favorite fish to eat. At the end of the Cold Ken soften, but the key is no longer in the aquarium. Wanda admits it with you.

In court, the trial of George, headed by Judge Knott (Geoffrey Palmer), a surprising turn. Wanda charged him before the fact, the house with a shotgun left to cut. George turns and attacked them, so there will be an uproar in the courtroom. The turmoil seems finished, as Archie also present from his wife gets a slap in the face. She has learned of his affair and declared the marriage over. Archie hear from George, Ken that the whereabouts of the gems knows. So he thunders with Wanda to Georges apartment to the poorest of the shackles to liberate itself and the name of the hotel at the airport to call.

With Ken, he races to Heathrow, while Otto with Wanda already on the way there. All buy tickets to Rio, where Otto von Wanda downcast and in a locked closet. He can be exempt from Archie trick and forces it to the box in a tar barrel. Before he can kill him, Otto noted that he was stuck in liquid cement. Ken-on revenge for the fish-sinnend overtaken him with the steamroller. Afterwards he is happy that he no longer stutters. Archie is now Wanda to the plane to Rio. From the outside, the two observed Otto, but plunges the liftoff of the airfoil.

Archie and Wanda married in Rio, have 17 children and set up a leper colony (in the German version Forest Synchronous the rain forest again). Ken is an animator (synchronous version: Press Officer) in the London Seaworld. Otto moves to South Africa and is justice minister.

The Call

Brief Description
Yumi thinks first of a joke, when they receive a call from the alleged future with a mysterious message. But two days later it passes the laugh, as they live - this quasi-the same call again gets the call and Erin, her friend Rina, then dies. Soon also blesses college friend Kenji after such a call in the presence of the temporal. Despite gekündigter off cell phones and mobile phone contracts also shows the phone from college a little later get a picture message. What to do?

My first murder

Satan roast Mini (Nikki Reed), the nose full of her mother (Carrie-Anne Moss). It seduces her stepfather Martin (Alec Baldwin), and persuades him to share the nerves saw in the drive to suicide. First of all, everything runs like lubricated, but then prepares the overzealous policeman John Garson (Luke Wilson) difficulties. - Raven's black comedy thriller with great stars.

Four fists for a Haleluja

Brief description:

Bambi is a horse thief, his father gets the job, his brother hated Trinity also trained horse thief. Trinity, however, is only to watch his brother, and tries, whenever possible, the aspirations Bambis many times.

The first "attack" on a plan for a family car, therefore ends with the fact that the settler families will receive money for their sick baby to a doctor. This family appears in the course of the film repeatedly. Always they receive (financial) assistance from the two brothers.

During the first visit to the city Bambi and Trinity acquaintance with the nasty criminals Parker. It shows in Trinity Saloon Falschspieler- his revolver and tricks. Since it first for the government keeps secret, Parker tried to bribe them, as they form. After a fine meal in the most expensive restaurant in the city will teach Bambi his brother, as a stagecoach dry. But Trinity has the goal of stagecoach to explore and is a day on the road. However, instead of preparing the robbery, he meets with the daughter of a settler family in Mission, where he happened to witness strange events: The missionaries have a large amount of money to hide Parker, whose men also disguised as missionaries.

On the day of the planned assault Bambi continues to note with the coach, as a chaser to shine, while the coach as Trinity masked thief to rob. Trinity, however, thinks not, and instead only robs from Bambi, while the other passengers in peace.

Trinity then rides to the mission, where he later Bambi follows. In earlier reports some Mexicans they know that the absolution of the monks following the confession also sometimes with fists granted. Consequently, Bambi a confession and then learns of Parker's machinations. Since Bambi, the money from Parker under the nail will tear, he defended the mission together with Trinity before Parkers people and finally defeated them. However, his new possession again, and now real government officials to arrest Parker, and he is not a thief wants to be recognized.

Thought Crimes-lethal thoughts

Brief description:
Freya hears voices at once. It remains for nine years in a psychiatric hospital. Then they carried by Dr. Wells and trained and informed that they do not have schizophrenia, but a KKK. The NSA financed Freya training, using them as a Special Agent and assigns them Brenden Dean, to the dangerous Cazal to catch terrorists, whose identity even the United States Secret Service is not known.