вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Aeon Flux

The film plays 400 years in the future. The majority of humanity was one of the industrial insidious disease killed. The 5 million survivors spend their lives in the last City: Bregna, of a Council of researchers monitored and governed. What the people do not know: As a side effect of medicine against the disease, the survivors become infertile, and dies now a member of the society it will be cloned, which is now at a slow decline of the culture. The need for cloning DNA is in the airship Relic, which hovers over the town.

As Ćon Flux, agent of an underground movement that Charlize Theron is the government's chief Trevor Goodchild kill. But while they discovered that not everything is as it seems. Suddenly it is between the lines and discovered that she no longer the order may lead to an end without causing major damage. Also, it has suddenly strong feelings for Trevor, and a reminder of their inexplicable him what the situation becomes.

During their further adventures finds out that she is itself a clone of Trevor wife Katherine, and that the residents of the city now no longer infertile, and thus a normal reproduction is possible again. Oren Goodchild, the brother of the heads of government, but it tries to prevent the cloning based purely on society. He also did the experiments Trevors, a remedy for sterility looking sabotaged. Ćon Flux finally Oren kills and destroys the Relic. This is the way for a normal society.

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