вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

The Detonator - Burning Steel

Brief Description
Undercover C.I.A.-Agent Sonni Griffith travels to Poland alone, an arms dealer to unmask and the sale of a nuclear weapon. When the gangsters learns his true identity, Griffith landed in jail, but intervention by the C.I.A. Again quickly released and is now the attractive Russian Nadia in the United States. Griffith soon discovers that the lady of the same unconventional arms dealer pursued, he wanted to destroy. This unscrupulous criminals is anything to by Nadia to get the information that he needs, because it has the 30 million dollars hidden in which he is the atomic bomb will buy. As a leak in the C.I.A. The whereabouts and the cover name of Griffith and Nadia can seep through, the two starts for a deadly struggle to himself and to save the world ...

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