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The new world

North America, 1607: On a spring day in April to reach three English vessels with a total of 103 men aboard the east coast of North America. On behalf of the royally chartered Virginia Company, the men from the Far England a cultural, religious and economic base on the coast establish it as the beginning of the New World. The flagship of the fleet is the Susan Constant. Under cover of Brigg is the rebellious 27-year-old John Smith. In chains have expected it because his refusal to obey a death sentence passed to him to be executed as soon as the ship reaches land. The talented Smith is among men too popular, that it could hang, and he is supported by Captain Christopher Newport pardoned when the Susan Constant anchor off the coast poses. Captain Newport is sure that he is in the unknown wilderness in any powerful man instructed.

The settlers entered the foreign country and establish the settlement of Jamestown in honor of King James I of England. What Newport and his men, however, do not suspect is that the British settlers in the midst of a highly Kingdom of the Native Americans landed. For the colonists, it is apparently a new world, but for the powerful Chief Powhatan, it is an ancient civilization and the only one they have ever known. The English, strangers in a foreign country, see the beginning of the struggle as the only means to the Native Americans to help. John Smith, on the other hand seeks support for the families of the tribe of immigrated, but is captured by warriors and as a prisoner of Chief Powhatan. Just as he as a warning for the other Englishman to be killed, there is a young girl between Smith and his executioner. The young girl named Pocahontas is the youngest daughter of the chief and can convince her father, Smith to Comics. Smith learns that the peaceful way of life of indigenous people know and spends more and more time with Pocahontas, which they finally fall into each other. This relationship increasingly alarmed chief Powhatan.

Finally, John Smith returns along with a group of Pocahontas' village after Jamestown, the hungry men of the Virginia Company want to help. Shortly thereafter, a seething conflict between Smith and his countrymen and women, who finally in a battle against the British natives escalates. Because of the desperate situation in Jamestown John Smith returned briefly to England, and Pocahontas will be left behind in the belief that her lover was killed in the battle. Powhatan then sends his daughter to his cousin in the north-into exile. There is a charge against a copper boiler to the men of Jamestown sold by their hostage-taking to the attacks on the colony to an end.

Pocahontas spends the rest of her life in the British colony, learn reading and writing and finally takes the life of the Englishman. Later on the name "Rebecca" and baptized in their mourning for their totgeglauben John Smith, Pocahontas lost in a world of loneliness, they no longer speaks. A few months later, she accepted the marriage proposal of the plantation owner John Rolfe. Together they operate the plantation and get it soon offspring in the form of a son.

After a few years, Pocahontas with her family to England invited. "Lady Rebecca" after their arrival in London the conversation of the day in the districts of the British nobility. It is astonished at the many new impressions, which they in the country wins its third and meets again on John Smith, but decided to remain faithful to Rolfe. Before she returned to Virginia can return them seriously ill and died shortly afterwards.

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