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Final Destination 3

The young high school -Absolventin Wendy Christensen, in an amusement park a premonition that the roller coaster that they and their friends want to use, due to a concatenation of unhappy circumstances crash, and so all the passengers in the death of tear. They and some of their schoolmates go out not with the train, shortly after the accident actually. Among the victims is also Wendys friend.

A little later, the survivors-some of them under cruel circumstances - die, Wendy discovered that the photos they shot before the trip, a reference to the circumstances of the death survivors. Together with friend Kevin Fischer Carrys they tried to outwit death. This is aggravated by the fact that the two of the names of two survivors do not know.

Wendy and Kevin find out that the school in the working Ian and Wendy sister Julie in the roller coaster would have died. At a public festival will Wendys sister Julie almost from the bridle a horse ausbüchsendes strangled, but in the last minute by Kevin saved before they rake in a spitzkantigen would be dire. It turns out that not only Julie in the roller coaster has sat, but also their girlfriend Perry. This is seconds later by the rebellion still not calmed by a horse umherschleudernden semaphore spike. The three survivors temporarily can then only watch helplessly as Ian by a falling crane stands shattered. Special irony gets the scene, as Ian on the Rummel was to kill Wendy and the overturning of his honorary fireworks survived, which is close to him vorbeifeuert. Kevin, however, prior to death and thus saved-so believe the protagonists - whether the plan of death thwarted.

Five months later: Wendy, in New York as a student started a new life, as in a subway by chance -Waggon first on Julie and then Kevin meets. Wendy had a premonition that they should leave the subway, but by the surprising embrace her sister, who grade the train climbs, prevented. Her sister Wendy explained that they only by a series of coincidences subway climbed because they wanted to visit her sister. Shortly thereafter recognizes Wendy Kevin and the first signs of the presence of death (Flashing light breeze). Wendy through again a vision in which they train on the wrong track sough sees. Due to the derailment, her sister and Kevin died, it is clamped under the wreckage and sees an oncoming train annahen. Shortly thereafter, the film jumps back to the scene in which Sister Wendy, just entered the subway-the protagonists have the Unabwendbaren forward after the train in motion. While it is not clear whether the protagonists killed, but the futile efforts to press the emergency brake, the guy dissolved.

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