вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Dance! Every dream begins with the first step

For the dance teacher Pierre Dulaine is the dancing life. In his dance school he brings wealthy children and adults the waltz, tango and foxtrot. But when he one day after a gala Rock boys on the street, destroying a car, changed his life drastically. He put the boys to talk and is shocked how respectful and the boy is desperate.

Pierre Dulaine trying to help and does so in a high school and gives the Director of the problem children with a dance perspective. After initial hesitation, they agreed to and leaves him the Nachsitzer who do not supervise other teachers wanted. His first new students are not enthusiastic. Have they prefer to dance to their hip-hop music. When she is a dance competition to know where you can gain 5,000 US dollars, will start for the young people to dance to interest and create a new style: the Hip-Hop Ballroom. And with the emotions of the children and the steps of Pierre advances victory within reach.

In the end the kids at the dance competition and bring new moves with new momentum in the dance event. Sasha, Danjou and Ramos have with their hot Dreier Tango big chances to win, but are disqualified because Couples only, and no teams are allowed. Since this tie, the winning couple says that this round as a draw, and it passes the cup Sasha. Then the mood is omitted, and the kids are dancing to hip-hop music of their standard dance, which is also the end of the film.

The end is a little strange and confusing ...

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