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Buddy the haut Lukas

Brief Description
Craft is small-town sheriff. Strongly, reliable and successful. This time, however, he not only with earthly plagues to be done, but it must also still being from a foreign world. His son Charly care brings him repeatedly in trouble. He in fact comes from another planet and is actually R-H-25. Charlys superhuman abilities have the sheriff has often forced to pack the suitcase. This was Craft its new acquisition bread in a city in which the place of the sheriffs have long orphaned. The place is used by various "plagues" hit. There are the first brothers Derek, professional lumberjacks, but the city sometimes even with the woods and everything kleinschlagen confused; And then the Harris - Trio, the Wild West pretty plays. To the degree fully, there is also a desert motorcycle gang, the citizens in fear and terror promoted. But that's not enough. In their first inspection trip to discover the sheriff and his little son, nursing a crucial military camp outside the town. Charly acknowledges with his alien abilities: there are invaders from another planet, the sinister intentions. Sheriff Craft, however, shows that his clout even when computers from wires, cables and metal plates so stunning success as people of flesh and blood.

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