вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

All-American DreamZ only Show

President of the United States Staton read on the day after his re-election for the first time a newspaper. He gets a nervous breakdown because the world looks quite different than his advisers have described them, were previously the only source of information for the President. On the advice of his staff, he heads in the television show American DreamZ, the Master of the Show Martin Tweed moderated. American DreamZ is a casting show, similar to the German broadcast Deutschland sucht den Superstar. The American President, the ratings increase, thinks the show master. The President is with the appearance in the show from its meaning and popularity crisis, think his advisers.

The show will also Sally Kendoo-former karaoke -Königin from a small city with the same cynical attitude like tweed-and the Arabs Omer Obeidi. Omers mother was killed by the Americans, which led to terrorist Omer. In training camp for terrorists, but it will not see again, so we sent him as a sleeper for America - and hoped it never again "to wake up".

Obeidi unexpectedly wins sympathy from the public and provides it to the finals - with the American president as judges. That makes him as a suicide bomber for his masterminding interesting. He should kill the president, but considered it differently, and the bomb hidden in the toilet. Found it is a friend of Jack William Williams (Chris Klein), his girlfriend in the shipment to marry him do. The feeling for a long time but really nothing more for him. Williams observed, as with Martin Tweed in her wardrobe had sex. From anger and disappointment is the staging Williams burst and explodes on the stage singing in the air, unimpressed by the appeals Omers, and the President. The second victim of the bomb is moderator Tweed, until the last remains to the camera work during Williams' appearance to take over.

In the end, Omer musical career as a singer, while the job of Sally Martin Tweed killed over and the new season of American DreamZ moderated.

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