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In the shoes of my sister

Brief description:

Maggie Feller (Cameron Diaz), the house of her stepmother Sydelle leave and pulls at her sister Rose (Toni Collette). Both sisters argue constantly, mostly because of the change jerry life of Maggie, but also about the shoes, which are often at Maggie Rose borrow. After Maggie with Jim, boss and lover of Rose, sleeps, it also sets rose above the door.

Maggie goes to Miami to her grandmother Ella Hirsch (Shirley MacLaine). They want to get their 3000 dollars, according to New York City and then go to a career as an actress to start. Ella taught her instead for a job in a nursing home. At the same time it promises, by Maggie earned money from their own funds to double.

While Rose Announces Its their job as a lawyer and works as Hundeausführerin. She meets former colleague Simon Stone, with which it is increasingly agreed. Stein, a gourmet, leads them in selected restaurants.

Maggie friends in the nursing home with a retired literature professor at the reading them. A poem in which the friendship of two women described, it is deeply moving. Ella tells her granddaughter Maggie by her in a car accident by suicide deceased mother, who suffered from depression and advocates that the sisters returned envelope.

After their engagement and subsequent dispute with Rose Stone comes to Miami and reconciled with Maggie. At the wedding of Rose and Maggie Simon recited the poem, which they so strongly moved.

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