вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Path Finder track of the warrior

Already some 600 years before the official discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus company Vikings sail there. In a raid after Newfoundland, a Viking boy left back there after the looting and murdering Viking hordes of the natives still could be back. As the shaman it as a sign indicates, the boy now from the Indians by the tribe and Natik with, although he is not accepted by many. But the shaman predicts that it will still prove.

15 years later Vikings appear again and attack the village. Meanwhile, the adults (Karl Urban), the name of the spirit was, is now internally torn faced with the question of which side they choose. He decides to use his new homeland and now stands as a defender of his Indian ancestors, the Vikings, led by Gunnar (Clancy Brown) and his adjutant Ulfar (Ralf Moeller). He leads the tribe in the mountains, where the Vikings by an avalanche killed.

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