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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Brief description:
N a Texas slaughterhouse in 1939 brings a pregnant woman a child to the world. The child is from the chief of the butchers in the garbage container challenge. A little later, a woman who opens a garbage container and the child back to their homes takes.

Thirty years later, the works have grown Leather Face in a slaughterhouse. This will, however, closed. From anger that the chief him and his family as "stupid", it brings Leather Face. He takes a chain saw and makes itself at home.

Otherwise, four local young people, Eric, Chrissie his girlfriend, his brother and his girlfriend, Dean Bailey, on the way to a barracks so that the two men to Vietnam.

While Meanwhile, the local sheriff before the House of Hewitt, with Charlie Hewitt, the uncle of Leather Face, to look after this. Suddenly they see on the street Leather Face. The sheriff threatened him until Charlie erschiesst him. This is immediately dead and Charlie is now that the role of the Sheriff Hoyt.

On the continuing drive to Texas, the youths from a motorcycle driver pressed to stop. When Eric a gun from the glove compartment and turn round picks, he goes on a road running cow. The car turns over and Chrissie will be hurled from the vehicle. Meanwhile unexpectedly meets Charlie as Sheriff Hoyt at the Accident and shoots the motorcycle driver. Then he orders Dean, and Eric Bailey, in his car to rise.

While Chrissie still in car accident after Erics weapon searches, meets Monty Hewitt with the lorry at the scene of an accident. Chrissie can hide in the car and so also to the House of Hewitt. While Meanwhile, Eric and Dean of Hoyt drilled, because one of them is the army wanted to escape. Eric Leather Face is captured and chained in his basement. Dean during an escape attempt from a bear trap and remains injured.

Chrissie and Holden, the friend of the killed Bikerin, try in vain to help her friends. It is Holden of Leather Face in two parts apart. Chrissie runs in the cellar and found mutilated their friend tied to a desk. Suddenly, Leather Face in the basement and kill Eric, with Chrissie all the time, hidden under the table. Leather Face Eric cuts from the face, to a mask to make it. (The name "Leather Face" is because he previously-from his birth vorhandene- disfigurement of the face by a sort of "mouth protection" covered with leather). Chrissie and Bailey are Hoyt found and recorded. They must see how his uncle Leather Face Monty legs goose because Holden him in the legs were shot, and Hoyt this is a good solution holds. Bailey points of Leather Face at the dinner table the throat cut. Finally, Chrissie manage to escape. It is Dean, the sudden jumps in the scene, after a pursuit of Leather Face with a chain saw killed.

With a car Chrissie tries to leave the city. Shortly before the city limits, however, appears Leather Face in the back seat and kills them with his chain saw by the driver's seat. The car races at the same time at a police car and a passing policeman and the driver of the stopped cars. After rising Leather Face from the vehicle and runs with his chain saw back home. It is said that Hewitt family from 1969 to 1973 a total of 33 people killed,

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