вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Switchback grace Lose escape

The FBI agent Frank LaCrosse chases on his own account of his wife's murderer. The serial killer is also the son of Frank abducted. A murder case in a motel in Amarillio brings Frank LaCrosse on the track of the Trucker Bob Goodall, the Anhalter Lane Dixon, the United States continues. In pursuit of the two men LaCrosse receives support from Sheriff Buck Olmstead and his people. In the course of the investigation compresses the suspicion of Dixon as a serial killer. The police, the two suspects in a train in the Rocky Mountains. It turns out that Bob Goodall of Fields. In the ensuing fight between the parties Goodall falls off the train and dies. La Crosse believes his son was now lost. But Dixon remembers an address, Goodall said. They found his son Frank LaCrosse well.

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