вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

For pulling seduces

Tripp lives despite the advanced age in his parents Sue and Al. The last rescue, to get rid of girlfriends, sees female hero Tripp is that it is home to invite. At least then it is definitely going on.

His parents have fed their tenants, they want to live their own lives and committed the attractive Paula, so they moved to Tripp, from the parents' house undress. Paula is a professional "Extract": They feigns love to nest the male stool to move to housing. Paid is plagued by the parents.

Tripp brings Paula sailing, she sleeps with him. Paula really in love with her client and that creates some problems.

Paula has a new job in Colorado and will accept him, because Tripp is unaware that she is engaged by his parents. The whole of Paula girlfriend and cruises pals "saved". In the end, we see the couple fell in love fresh Tripp and Paula on a boat.

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