вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

The lawnmower man

The scientist Dr. Angelo worked for the government in experiments for performance enhancement. Using drugs and artificial reality, the perfect soldier to be. An experimental animal, a chimpanzee, are, from the research institution to escape. On the run, the monkey refuge in the simple gardener Jobe, the only all of the lawnmower man called. The monkey is used by the researchers detected and shot. Dr. Angelo is frustrated and wants to work for the government and abandon its experiments on their own. Dr. Angelo offers Jobe, to teach him. By gehirnstimulierende substances and virtual reality succeed within a very short time, the intellectual skills to Jobes. Dr. Angelo turns to his research facility back to the experiment. Jobe has been telekinetic and telepathic abilities and learns very fast. Now he is, the experiment will necessarily continue. On his own, he injected a higher dose of its drugs. However, Dr. Angelos superior substances swapped: Jobe injected the drug aggression, which provides for the chimpanzees. For Jobe, the lawnmower man who on a bloody revenge campaign moves. Last succeed him, from his physical shell to separate and on the Internet. In order to demonstrate his power, he lets all the phones ringing in the world

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