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The Pink Panther (2006)

The French soccer coach Yves Gluant, after a game with a Chinese poison arrow killed. When the corpse after the turmoil following investigated, it must also be noted that the extremely valuable and famous diamond ring, the Pink Panther, the Gluant wore disappeared.

Police Chief Inspector Dreyfus orders in the event the clumsy and underexposed provincial police Clouseau to Paris. But not because of his qualifications, on the contrary: it will Clouseaus failure after the media event into their own hands and resolve to finally the "Medal of Honor". Previously, he was seven nominations for this recording, he has never received.

Clouseau to the side stands beside the secretary Nicole colleague also Ponton, the Toll Patsch on behalf of Dreyfus secretly guard. The two consult only once all suspects. Among these Gluants lovers and pop singer Xania, the Chinese Mafia (fortunately, Clouseau of the Chinese language) and Yuri Gluants Co-Trainer.

There is yet another victim to complain: football player Bizu, with a head shot in the cab was killed.

Clouseau is sometimes even heroes of France, as a secret agent, who wishes to remain unrecognized, the dreaded Gasmaskenbande brings to the track and the surprising Clouseau on the scene behind. Clouseau adopted the false fame thanks.

As Xania to New York City travels follow her Clouseau and pontoon. But even Clouseau trying to learn to speak English, but little success. They learned that Xania at a jeweler was allegedly because of a handbag. Furthermore, Clouseau his fondness for hamburgers.

At the airport, it is then the scandal: Clouseaus bag is swapped, and the control of its new bag, the airport staff a weapons arsenal.

After this mistake Dreyfus can implement his plan and even take over the investigations. His suspicion immediately falls on a Chinese businessman, whom he at a ceremony on the evening arrest.

He comes, however, Clouseau before. Clouseau is the real murderer present: the coach Yuri. Because laws must be confused Yuri both familiar with Chinese herbs, as well as a good shooter. Yuri hates Gluant. Bizu, which knew Yuri extorted so and was therefore like Gluant of Yuri murdered.

It also explains Clouseau that Xania in possession of the ring, but it had Gluant it as a betrothal gift in the stadium. Detected, he had the television on and his scandal-photo of the airport, where you just pocket the contents of Xania on an X-ray machine could detect. Xania had after the murder not dared to the ring to present.

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