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As long as you are

There is also a book!


The professionally successful Elizabeth Masterson (Reese Witherspoon) suffers a car accident and is subsequently in a coma. It is a very unusual coma because her soul running around and they can all see. Only they themselves no one takes true. Two months later pulls the widowed architect David Abbott (Mark Ruffalo) in their homes. One evening, running the two in an apartment on the way. Elizabeth David thinks it would be in recession and David thinks that he leased by fraud netted it. They do not believe initially that it is a ghost and wants him out of the apartment market. But soon they recognize that they are nothing to remember, and only David can help her to find out who she is and why it as a spirit lives on, as he now is the only time that they can actually see.

In the course of the film recognizes Elizabeth, who she was and David falls in love with her. You find out that she is in a coma and try to shut their life support equipment to prevent it. At the end of the film Elizabeth awakens from the coma, but first of all not to remember David.

Elizabeth pulls back into their homes and then goes up onto the roof, where they have always wanted to create a garden. That has now David, the profession of landscape architect, for they did. When the two hands, but then drops it all again. The two lovers finally align themselves in the arms and kiss itself hearted.

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