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The Devil's Rejects

Some months after the murderous events in the House Firefly (see House of 1000 Corpses), the FBI launched a major offensive against the sadistic family.

However, the use of only half succeed: family member Rufus is shot and only Mother Firefly can be captured. These are some of the police officers killed or injured. Baby Firefly and Otis escape to a blood trail immediately on their escape from the police behind Africa. On the flight take Baby Firefly and Otis during a stop in a motel, the members of a country band as hostages and torture them. None of the band members survived the visit of the two, which in large part to the lack of cooperation of the hostages.

Soon there still father Captain Spaulding (James Cutter) to the duo and the three flee to his half-brother, Charlie, to be there before the FBI to hide. Sheriff Wydell, who already Firefly mother murdered in her cell, meanwhile chases the fugitives and get hints on the whereabouts of Captain Spauldings half-brother of Wydell itself will be moving to betray the family.

The sheriff succeeds, Otis, Spaulding and baby-making. He brings them to the alleged interrogation in the estate of Fireflys. However, he tortures Otis, Spaulding and baby there for personal reasons on most brutal way and then ignites the house. While Otis and Spaulding in the burning house remain tied back, it allows them to free baby then with an ax to hunt. Meanwhile While Charlie comes back, in order to help baby, but Wydell directs him with the ax. Shortly before he finally baby with the slain ax will, appears to Tiny, shortly before the police operation had left the house and broke the neck Sheriff Wydell. Tiny and Otis Spaulding exempt from the burning house, but dies himself, volunteered in the flames.

The three survivors Otis, Spaulding and Baby can flee in a car, but suddenly see in the distance a road blockade of the police. In Kamikaze-style drive with gezückter shotgun and revolvers to the blockade and to die in the hail ball.

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