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Into the Blue

As young couple Jared (Paul Walker) and Sam (Jessica Alba) lead an enjoyable life in the Bahamas. While Sam in a recreational park, has Jared his job as a diving instructor and terminated dreams of a treasure on the ocean floor to find. One day, Bryce (Scott Caan), a childhood friend of the couple, with his new girlfriend Amanda (Ashley Scott) over. The counsel has one of his clients a villa and a yacht available. With the ship to make the four a diving excursion. They discovered the remains of a sunken ship and a plane wreck fully with cocaine. While Jared interested in the ship, have Bryce and Amanda on the drug apart. It was agreed that the aircraft can be in peace, but not the police to contact the ship's Fund not to jeopardize.

Bryce and Amanda consider themselves but not to the deal and salvage parts of the cocaine. They try, that the club owner Primo (Tyson Beckford) Anne. This leads them to his boss, however, the drug lord Reyes (James Frain), the cocaine already be expected. Jared is on the yacht created by Reyes and receives from him 12 hours to the rest of cocaine to salvage, all four would otherwise die.

Back ashore Jared explains his girlfriend the incident. This will enable but have nothing to do and lets him. To make Jared, Bryce and Amanda alone on the salvage. During the night diving action is Amanda from a tiger attacked and severely injured. Jared and Bryce break the dive and take Amanda to a hospital, where her but not more can be helped. In the hospital, the two meet again, Sam. Together, they want to return home when they receive a call from Primo kriegen. It wants to know whether the drug. Sun is developing a car chase at the end is Jared, the gangsters, the policemen Sam Roy (Dwayne Adway) for help and Bryce emerged from the dust.

Primo brings to Jared Reyes yacht. As Jared rid itself of its shackles can he noticed that all aboard, including Primo - has been murdered. Jared examined the boat and take on Bates (his former employer) explained to him that his business partner Reyes him a pup and therefore wanted to die. Even Jared will die, but this manages to escape. Meanwhile Roy brings to Sam Bates, which it as a means of pressure against Jared starts. Together with Bryce he forges a plan to liberate his girlfriend and Bates to the craft. So he agrees, the criminals to the crash site. Once there, developed an underwater battle at the end of which it succeeds Jared and Bryce the drug plane to blow up and kill Bates.

Six weeks later, one sees Jared, Sam and Bryce is an old ship's cannon to hold. It tears but a rope and the gun drops back into the depths. On Seabed arrived through the hidden wooden deck of the sunken ship and a cargo bullion comes to light.

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