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The house at the lake

Dr. Kate Forster is leaving a house on the lake, where they had lived for some time, and moves to Chicago, where a job as a doctor is accepted. It leaves a message for their tenants. Alex Wyler, whose father built the house once, this message and wonder, as he left the house for uninhabited held. Later exchange Wyler and Forster on the mailbox of the house more news.

It turns out that in 2004, Wyler lives, Forster in 2006. On her birthday in 2006, Forster sits alone in a bar remembers a man who two years earlier her birthday party attended. It is shown how Wyler in 2004, coincidentally the former friend of Kate met and the party is invited. He already knows Forster from the letters, but she knows it yet. Alex and Kate sit on the porch of the house and talk about a novel in which a loving couple has been separated and could not find it. They dance and kiss.

Forster makes in the next letter Wyler allegations that he had not told her who he was. He replied that it would be a madman.

Simon Wyler, the father of Alex and a famous architect, comes with a heart attack in hospital. Kate, in his hospital file notes that he briefly then died. It regrets that it is not at Alex can be, in order to console him. Alex Forster sends only one in the future published book about his father.

Forster and Wyler love themselves and arrange a meeting at which Alex is not. Alex can not understand why he was not in the future, and will appear with Kate appointment for a second time. But she finds that there is no sense that the two are not predetermined, proved to be taken. She asked Alex, that he was not tried with you in the future contact. He will, however, not lose them, and continue to write her letters, but gets no answers.

In 2006, then Alex and his brother on the road and when his brother to tell him that today is Valentine's Day in 2006, remembers Alex to a letter from Kate. She wrote it as a witness on Valentine's Day of an accident, where a man was killed. He leaves the house at the lake rauszulesen exactly where the accident took place.

Meanwhile, Kate in 2008 when brother Alex in the office to a house he set up. It takes place in his office a drawing of a house hang on the wall, which looks like the house at the lake looks like. She asked her brother, who is drawn. This responds to her that it was his brother, but that he unfortunately exactly two years before in an accident died. Kate is clear that the man was Alex, on Valentine's Day 2006 in front of their eyes in an accident and was killed came from. It rushes to the single communications device with the past. To Mailbox, which at the house at the lake. She writes Alex, the man that he was, in front of your eyes was killed, and that he should not try them on the day to contact us. He will have two years to wait, and on Valentine's Day in 2008 the house at the lake.

It waits that the mailbox opens, as a sign that Alex has received the letter. Alex reads the letter in 2006 and in the next scene he's in 2008 to Kate. The two are now in the arms, kissing up and confess their love for each other.

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