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The Mothman Prophecies

Brief description:

The journalist John Klein has just with his wife Mary bought a new house. On the way back Mary suddenly loses control of the car and must be in accordance with the collision with a tree to the hospital. During the difficult injured patient, the doctors diagnosed a tumor in rags temples, where they died a short time later. From their records John learns that his wife recently often hallucinations of a moth man had. Probably had the appearance they are terrified at the accident.

Two years later, John departs from Washington for an interview with a governor after Richmond. En route, however, he stopped by a breakdown. In the middle of the night he will ask residents for help, but the house Mr Gordon Smallwood threatened him with a gun. The policewoman twice Connie Mills told that John him for the third time to visit. The journalist knows, however, not even where it is located. When he learns that he, after two hours in the city 600 kilometers away Point Pleasant on the border between West Virginia and Ohio should be, he sees nothing more. Furthermore, his car, according to a Kfz-Mechanikers undamaged.

Then John decided that the matter. In his research in Point Pleasant, he learns that in the last few months many unexplained phenomena in the city existed. For uncertainty makes especially an unknown, the anonymous telephone calls under the pseudonym Indrid Cold warns against disasters. During a conversation between John and Connie announces a caller with Gordon's voice, which claims, Indrid Cold was with him. When John speaks with the unknown, it is surprising to note that some of these personal things about him knows. It turns out, however, that Gordon did not matter and that the voice not of a person comes.

John wants in Chicago with the Paradise psychologists and physicists Dr. Alexander Leek talk, but denied any information and warns him only. Gordon loses his job in a chemical factory and, a few days later found dead in the forest. Although the death after forensic evidence at least eight hours ago, John has an hour before a phone call from him. As Dr. John again at Leek demand, the scientist told him that some years ago he already had heard strange prophecies. No one took his warnings seriously, all held for him crazy. One of the statements negotiated by a disaster on the Ohio River. John knows that the shore is the chemical factory and provides a link to Gordon. John tried in vain, the governor from abusing this factory to visit because he feared an explosion. As John in a bar receives a letter, a call of his deceased wife on Christmas Eve announcing soon after he returns home. A few minutes before the expected returns also call Connie to invite him to Ohio, but John will initially Marys call waiting. Shortly afterwards the phone rings again and silent either, as John the cable from the socket tear.

John is again on the way to Point Pleasant. When he was on a bridge over the Ohio arrives, he sees in front of a traffic jam. Then he suddenly realized that this is the place of the predicted disaster will be, and already solved the first suspension bridge. He tried desperately to the other motorists to warn and also discovered Connie patrol car. He can not avoid her car with the bridge crash, but he saves the policewoman from the river. For further 36 people, but any help comes too late. The cause of the disaster remains unclear.

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