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Dance! Every dream begins with the first step

The film begins in Hamburg, where the young Prosper breaks from the boarding school and his little brother Bo from the Villa their Aunt Esther exempt. The mother of two has died, and her aunt, the younger of the brothers adopted, the elderly but in a boarding school. But both want to stay together. Therefore, they flee to the beautiful lagoon city of Venice, where their dead mother has always loved.

But the thing is harder than I thought. Constantly, the two flee and are forced to steal to survive. When the brothers returned to one evening a hard night in an old farm Venice prepare, they suddenly take on a black, masked guy named Scipio, the "Lord of the thieves." He takes with Bo and Prosper in an old cinema where his hideout, the "Star hideout." There, he lives with his friends Riccio, wasp and Mosca, who also are all orphans. As "The Thief Lord" At night he goes to foray us all stealing valuables. It is, he has never been caught. The stolen valuables they then sell to a dealer named Ernesto Barbarossa. With this money, it creates the bonds, and to provide through.

Meanwhile, Esther and Maximilian Hartlieb the detective Victor Getz instructed her nephew Bo and Prosper to find and return. Victor starts the search with equipment and many disguises.

By now Scipio Barbarossa learns from a mysterious man of a very special job for him. He meets this man named Conte "together with Mosca and Prosper in the confessional at St. Mark's Basilica. It is for him a strange wood wings steal against a high payment. What Conte of this wing is needed, however, he will not be betrayed. Meanwhile, the Bo tells Victor Getz covered much information about his friends and their hideout in an old cinema. Victor then visited Dottor Massimo, the owner and find out the real Scipio in the son of the rich Dottors. Victory makes sure he is on the way to the movies to Bo and Prosper finally to be found.

There, however, he overwhelmed by the children and captured. He feundet with them and tells them the truth about their friend Scipio. The children want to convince themselves and go on to the Villa Massimo. There, however, they must find that Victor has not lied and the "Lord of the thieves" really the son Dottor Massimos. They also know now that Scipio never really a master thief, but all that stuff just stolen from his wealthy parents' house. All now want nothing more to do with Scipio and therefore plan for the wing to steal Conte alone.

When they resumed the following evening in the house in which instead of the wings, they meet again on Scipio and get into an argument. Then they are symbolic of Ida, owner of the house discovered them everything about the job betrayed. They are friends with Ida, and they learn all about the mysterious wings. He belongs to the magical carousel of Mercy Sisters, which has long disappeared. Who runs on the carousel will either grow or another child.

Ida leaves the children the wing on the condition that they may go to the carousel itself. After the handover to Conte and his sister, they both secretly by boat to the island of Isola Segreta cursed, as the merry-go-round now. They discovered, however, and must flee. Meanwhile betrays Barbarossa, everything has mitbeobachtet, police hideout of the gang and leaves Bo and wasp trap. Bo is on his aunt Esther and brought wasp lands in the orphanage of the Mercy Sisters.

Prosper, Riccio Mosca and make Victor responsible for this betrayal, and watch him. This, however, swear to them that he was not. The detective learned where they put Bo and wasp and the Conte, and she betrayed them counterfeit money disbursed. Ida and Victor wasp create it again from the orphanage to pick them, are as godmother and attorneys spend. Even Bo succeed again to flee from the claws Lima and her husband.

Prosper and Scipio decide alone to Isola Segreta to ride on the carousel to ride because they necessarily want to be grown up. On the island they take on the Conte named Renzo and his sister, the children again, by the carousel. The wing was the last missing piece to the carousel to strike again. As compensation for the wrong money, he Scipio on the device drive, the proud man as adult returns. Prosper but decided to stay young, so he remains a brother Bo. Shortly thereafter appears suddenly on Barbarossa, also based on the merry-go-round continues and as a small child back. But on the basis of his strong weight breaks from the wing and destroyed the carousel forever.

Scipio and Prosper Idas to return home, where all their friends again. But the Hartliebs are followed them and ask Bo back. In the ensuing turmoil, Prosper by Maximilian Hartlieb almost shot and Scipio makes the two realized that they could no child care and scares them forever. Finally, Scipio and Victor working together as detectives, Riccio Mosca and start their own lives and Bo, Prosper and wasp may Ida stay and be a family.

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