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The Empire of the Wolves

The young Anna Heymes can not remember their past and recognizes even in stressful situations, her husband Laurent no more. The doctors want with the help of scans and a biopsy is the cause for the disease out. Anna resisting against and consulted the psychologist Mathilde Urano. Slowly stalks Anna suspected that it is not that they believe to be. When she gets her face surgical scars discovered she flees full of confusion and fear, haunted by her husband, an official of the French secret service and his men. Anna abducted with the help of a psychologist, the treating physician Dr. Ravi, this tells the two women that Anna on behalf of the secret service, a new method of memory manipulation experiments. Together they go to the clinic to the memory of Anna again. Once this has been achieved, the women attacked by their persecutors, Anna, but they can easily overwhelm. Anna Mathilde, and then flee with a car, it tells Anna, who she really is.

At the same time, in a Turkish quarter of the city of the third victim of the serial killer. The senior policeman Paul Nerteaux reactivated the investigation because of its brutal methods in the prematurely retired policemen offset Schiffer. Nerteaux Schiffer to clarify that the killer is on illegal immigrant from Turkey, redheaded women apart. Together they want the gangster boss of the district question. It advised them in an assassination attempt a killer commandos. Nerteaux Schiffer and a narrow escape from this misery Schiffer recognizes in the implementation of the assassination action by gray wolves and warns the young colleagues from further investigations. He pulls himself back.

Nerteaux determined yet and will continue for more clues to the realization that the gray wolves behind the serial murder stuck, and that the target person her face have changed. So he equips one for the operation in question a doctor visit. During the interview, the doctor was murdered by a killer. In the ensuing fight, Nerteaux the bombers running away. During the investigation of the place he finds a golden pendant as a Schiffer.

Anna Mathilde told that a member of the gray wolves, but defrauded the organization and with 20 kilos of heroin sunken. Therefore, a bounty on them suspended and she was forced to alter her face vividly to leave. Anna, the psychologist and drive to a cemetery, where she has hidden the drugs. There she meets on Schiffer, which ended in a shootout. Meanwhile Nerteaux also arrived, followed Schiffer. In pursuing Annas, the two men climb a spiral staircase to solve them one by Anna hidden explosive. While Nerteaux to rescue them, crashes Schiffer with the stairs into the depths.

The police explained to the President the case as closed and Schiffer for dead, but Paul Nerteaux determined on their own and will continue on the track of Azer Zeki, the killer. Nerteaux liable in its heels and follows him to a rock in the nearby city of Istanbul. There Azer picks him up and carries him in a temple. He sees little later a leader of the gray wolves named Kudseyi. Shortly afterwards immerses the dead believed Schiffer caught with Anna. Anna is the process, and sentenced to death. As Kudseyi will kill them, takes Anna to her hair in a hidden weapon and stabs the leader. That overwhelmed Azer, and the woman fled from the temple. After Nerteaux and Schiffer Azers men overwhelmed, take the prosecution Annas. Meanwhile, the French secret service arrived and comprised the rock city.

Schiffer explains Nerteaux meanwhile, that he, together with the Secret Service works and Anna offered a deal. When the two policemen Azer finally find this is in the process of the face Annas to maim. In the ensuing exchange shoots Nerteaux Anna survived the man seriously injured.

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