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Eragon legacy of the dragon-riders

The 17-year-old Eragon from the small village of Carvahall held in a mountain chain, the "hump", a stone, which reveals itself as egg and the dragon Saphira Dame slips. By Saphira, as well as bromine, the storyteller of Carvahall, Eragon learns that he is now a dragon rider, and that he now feared for his life. Magic Kingdom has it on the dragon rider apart, and each will either under his reign force or killing. This Eragon will be felt when the Ra'zac, Warrior of magic, Garrow kill his uncle. Unlike the book ignites in the film Brom Eragons Court, in which the corpse is still Garrows, Eragon so as to force him to flee.

The two do so on the way to the Varden, a rebel group that magic resistance. On the way there, Eragon and bromine by Daret (In the film, and Daret Teirm "merged"). There is Eragon by the witch Angela predict the future; Shortly thereafter he discovers his magical skills for a rebuttal of the attack, the allies of magic.

Soon begins Eragon by a woman to dream that made him eager to help him and explained that they Durza, a shadow in Gil'ead caught. Indeed, the shadow of itself speaks to Eragon to be attracted to.

As Eragon Broms warning despite attempts to free the woman, he attacked Durza. When a spear after he throws, jumps between bromine and rescues so Eragons life. Again, the movie deviates from the template, as Durza not, but the Ra'zac Brom kill, which is before the liberation Aryas happens. Eragon distributes Durza by an arrow in the forehead Durzas shoots. After Saphira, Eragon, bromine, and the elf named Arya from the fortress of Gil'ead flown, dies Brom on his injury.

Eragon must now move on without Brom. Soon, however, he meets a boy named Murtagh, which promises to Eragon to the Varden them.

When the small group in Beor-Gebirge the entrance to the caves of Varden finds, it is cast and can be attacked only by fleeing into the hideout of the rebels save.

Soon picks Durza, and only a trick to the heart can be killed with a large army rebuttal. It is the final battle between Eragon and Durza, a kind of black smoke dragon conjured. Finally succeeds Eragon, Durza final defeat, but Saphira will seriously injured in the fight. After Eragon them with magic has healed, he breaks.

When he wakes up again, Arya is the woman who Eragon with the Varden - has been broken up, in their homeland, the city of the elves, to return. Eragon brings with Saphira and spoke a few words with her.

In the last scene, one sees magic, a kind of curtain splits with his sword, behind which his black dragon Shruikan PROPERTY.

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