вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Scary Movie 4

At the beginning you see Shaquille O'Neal, basketball player of the Miami Heat, and Dr. Phil clamps on foot chained in a dirty room sit. The two succeed, in two hung from the ceiling to come saws to cut through the feet to discard the shackles. They survive the situation. Meanwhile, the crane operator tried Tom Ryan order in his private life to get, because his children are not good at talking to him, because he has neglected over the years. As Tom in the sky a strange cloud formation was observed, it is already happening-the Aliens come to earth to destroy the human race. Tom tries out together with their children to flee and through some strange situations.

Other problems, while his neighbor Cindy Campbell; It must have been cursed with a child of a ghost house in which they care provider than an older lady, who addressed. Looking for the source of the mystery land she and Tom in a village. There can Cindy and her friend Brenda Meeks, on the way back has taken some interesting findings.

On their way, Cindy and Brenda, and Tom and his children, from the aliens captured. Finally, she landed in the command headquarters of aliens, which is a space of the first scene turns. They are curious to torture devices tied to which they are brutal games with their own survival will be in a position to discard.

It finally succeed them to free himself, but the villain has his children in Toms violence. That now has the choice, his own life or his children to save. Ultimately succeed him but both himself and his children to liberate because the evil is defeated. It turns out that the father of the curse dilapidated house in Elstree ghost child, and therefore to humanity wanted revenge. He pulls out his back Aliens and the group around Tom Ryan has helped decisively, to save mankind.

In the final sequence, one sees Tom in the Oprah Winfrey Show. In a parody of the presence of Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey at an audience of millions his love for Katie Holmes confessed, he jumps on the sofa around, beats and breaks Flick-Flacks Oprahs wrists before euphoria about his love for Cindy Campbell. Tom runs in his attack on the camera and the film is over.

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