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Blood Diamond

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

The plot plays against the background of civil war in Sierra Leone. At the beginning of film, the black Africans Solomon Vandy and his son through a village in Sierra Leone. The rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) attacked it on the bright daylight and kill some villagers; Both children, as well as women. Vandys wife and daughter could escape, his son was later found by the rebels and as a child soldier. Vandy is kidnapped and forced, in a diamond mine in Kono to work. He finds a large and valuable diamonds with a weight of about 100 carats and buries this on the edge of the mine, shortly before government troops attacked them, and all surviving militiamen and arrest workers.

The building Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) derived Battalion-32 -Soldat the former apartheid South African Army (SADF), Danny Archer, thrives on the smuggling of diamonds from Sierra Leone to Liberia, he works for his former boss Colonel Coetzee and his mercenary company. Archer is on the border with Liberia arrested. In prison he learns of the large diamonds. He promises Vandy that he had for a share of the diamonds to his family reunification permit. In general chaos after taking the capital Freetown by the RUF troops can both escape.

Together with the American journalist Maddy Bowen, on the trade in blood diamonds researched, they can Vandys wife and daughters in a Guinean refugee camp after them. Archer is Bowen in exchange for their help Details on the trade in blood diamonds. Archer and Vandy finally found by the rebel troops defended mine. Among the soldiers is also Vandys son. Archer leads an air attack on the mine by government troops mercenaries. Archer and Vandy kill Colonel Coetzee and the other soldiers who face in the issuance of a diamond demand, because he feared that they would kill him later. Archer is wounded.

Vandy Archer and thereby liberate Vandys son, whose hatred against all opponents of the RUF had become so intense that he had his weapon against his own father established, and find the diamonds. On the run from mercenaries to pay the Vandy Archer for a while waiting airplane. Archer, but for no more chance, the plane alive to reach and invites Vandy, go alone. It gives him the blood diamonds. Archer remains.

Vandy and his son may flee before the mercenaries. Vandy via Conakry to London, where he helps Bowen, evidence against the men behind the diamond trade to collect. Vandy will eventually activists against the trade in blood diamonds and holds a speech to international politicians in Kimberley (South Africa).


  • James Berardinelli wrote on Reel Views, the film was a "victim of its length." He described the elements of an adventure film as "tepid." The "complex" character of Danny Archer was "well developed"; The presentation of Leonardo DiCaprio was "solid". Djimon Hounsou effect his role in "volcanic". Jennifer Connelly doing "the best" of their "stereotyped" role. The film, despite its length was "advisable." [1]
  • "Large, complex, sometimes melodramatisches action cinema [...]. More than just 'an adventure film with all the ingredients of a successful action film [...] predicate: Particularly valuable. "(Film Evaluation Unit Wiesbaden) [2]
  • "BFG film [...] comes about a stereotyped, misery aesthetics', and not dubious moments Action." (Epd film) [3]
  • For Barbara Lehmann (in "Die Zeit" No. 5, 25 January 2007), the swashbuckling film a tightrope walk between education and entertainment is

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