вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Half Light-Between Light and Shadows


Rachel Carlson is a very successful writer of mystery novels and lives in London. My small son Thomas died one day by an accidental death. Eight months later, they still can not write. Their marriage with a lecturer Brian is in a crisis.

Rachel moves to the remote village of Ingonish Cove in Scotland to restore itself to find. It makes friends with the caretaker of the lighthouse Angus McCulloch.

Rachel However, the spirit of her dead son is pursuing, leaving her enigmatic messages. Soon she learns that McCulloch had died years ago. Later, it turns out that Brian and his lover Sharon Winton crazy they want to do, after her suicide to stage. So both want to Rachels assets. "Angus" is their accomplice, in truth, and Patrick is the identity assumed by Angus.

Brian and Sharon Rachel bind to anchor a boat and they want to drown, but they can be exempt under water, as they participate in one of the indications of Thomas' spirit recalls. Brian and Sharon are from the spirit of true Angus killed, the lighthouse still weilt. Patrick commits suicide, as it once did Angus. In the end Rachel again returns to London.

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