вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

A thumb goes to the West

Brief Description
Bud and his friend, "Thunderous Adler" with every trick. Two Präriefüchse who penetrate because their imagination not abandon it when it holds its wealthy citizens to be ripped off. One day they get "totally coincidental" in the possession of a promising travel bag and come to Yucca, a Godforsaken nest at the end of the Wild West. The inhabitants believe that the newcomers for members of the dreaded gang of Colorado Slim. But the bag-not include the eagerly awaited doctor? Soon, the patients queuing to see the radical cures of Wunderdoktors and his assistants to prescribe. Against sounding coin, of course. But not only the Sheriff of the town draws suspicion. Even the journeymen spit of Colorado Slim. You need to find that the doctor with fists and Colt as well as conflicts with a ballpoint pen and prescription pad. Which means Colorado-Slims gang also use them, the new medicine men do not go. It is the great day of the City establishment, which is vigorously celebrated. The opportunity for Colorado Slim, all of the banks in one go rob! But Bud and "Thunderous Adler" stick to its tried and tested recipe.

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