вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Freaky Friday

Dr. Tess Coleman and her 15-year-old daughter Anna is not cope with each other. Among their different views regarding fashion, style, music and men. Tess can Annas poor school grades and their repeated After sitting nor understand how the new Anna fiance her mother and Ryan. The marriage would be held on weekends.

In a restaurant, something China's miracle Ames: Two lucky biscuits an older Chinese woman in exchange for the next night at midnight their bodies. Since it is not the case immediately on the ground can go, they spend the first Friday morning of the life of each other without someone lesson.

While Tess in the body of their daughter goes back to school and finds that the poor English notes her daughter from a history of their old-time High School result, Anna styled her mother's body entirely. The rest of the morning Anna spends with the patient psychological and her mother is annoyed by the many calls.

You must find that the magic only by adhering to the Glückskeks-Spruches reverse it through selflessness. You must first survive the day.

Anna learns while parents in the school her brother Harry, that they do not hate how they look. Tess must however find that the hatred of her daughter to her ex-girlfriend Stacey justified. In addition, she learns Annas flame Jake areas, but this can not become friends with their behavior.

Anna must currently in a television show, the new book of her mother present. Ignorance about the content they cleverly camouflaged with a show, the well-received.

Jake finds the supposed mother much more attractive. After a conversation about music, he is running behind her.

In the evening, the Polterabend for the wedding the next day. Anna's boyfriend and fellow band Peg they need for a major gig a few blocks. My attempt, Anna (or Tess) admitted, however, falls. But Ryan is not a killjoy, and Anna allowed the concert. Anna in the body of Tess also comes to the concert. Tess can not play guitar, but Anna took the stage behind her partner, while Tess in the body of Anna the show returns.

Back on the set Polterabend Anna and Tess finds that their conflict issues resolved. The fortune cookie-condition is met, and each gets the proper body back.

The next day, the wedding of Tess and Ryan. Even Anna and Jake find each other.

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