вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Michael Bay's Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Brief description:

The action takes place in the summer of the year 1973. Five teenagers - Erin, Kemper, Andy, Pepper and Morgan - are on the return journey from Mexico to Dallas. On the way to a concert runs them on a lonely country road in Texas a girl in front of the car. Relief ready to take the completely disturbed girl with the short to suddenly pulls a revolver and shoots in the head. Her last words are: "You will all die!"

From the local Tankstellenbetreiberin to a secluded ranch piloted find her and her friends a little later in their vicinity verlottertes a house in which only an old, beinamputierter man in a wheelchair seems to reside. As Kemper however illicitly enter his domicile, as appears from nowhere a giant Debil acting with a mask made of human skin (Leather Face) and starts, with its constantly roaring chain saw relentlessly hunt for the young people to make

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